Has 2face won Grammy award?

You are interested in the creative career of famous Nigerian musician, 2face, and want to find out whether he got any Grammy? Read the article and find out the answer.


Notorious Nigerian singer and producer, 2face, also known as 2Baba is a kind of legendary humans not only in the Nigerian show business but all over the Africa. He has a huge army of fans throughout the entire planet and many real hits recorded.

He is one of the most experienced stars and also among the most moneyed celebrities of the state, and it is a very small wonder about that. During his successful career, which lasts for more than 20 years already, he got a really big number of the most upscale music awards. His record of service includes such valuable awards as WMA, one MTV Europe and four African Music Awards, also he has five most coveted hip-hop and the innumerable amount of occasional rewards.

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And may sound unexpectedly, but among all those achievements there is no Grammy prize. Yes, it is hard to believe, but it is true. He was only once promoted for it.

Of course, we wish 2face a good luck and believe that his main reward is waiting for him in the nearest future.

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