Has Didi Ekanem joined NYSC?

A famous actress Didi Ekanem joined NYSC. Why did she delay her service year and begin it only now? Find out in the article!

Didi Ekamen NYSC

While some girls keep using corsets and different waist trainers to get a perfect hourglass shape, some ladies are naturally born this way. One of them is Didi Ekanem.

Talanted Nollywood actress told about her career, life with the biggest bum and also NYSC batch 2016.

Who is Didi Ekanem?

Didi Ekanem

Didi Ekanem is a famous Nollywood actress who was born in Akwa Ibom state. A girl went to Federal Government College in southern Nigeria, town Ikot Ekpene. Also she attended Mcdonald Memorial school to get her secondary education. Then she went to University of Port Harcourt. There she studied Linguistics and Communications.

She began a successful career a few years ago. Her most popular movies are: Jump And Pass, Ikogosi, Crazy Girls, Dining with the Devil, and plenty of others.

Biggest bum in Nigeria

actress Ekanem

Talking about her ‘giant talent’ or ‘big gift’ as fans call Didi Ekanem’s booty, actress shared her feelings, plans and ideas. The girls said that having such big part of body is a pretty good feeling. But as much as she loves it, she just wishes people could focus more on her talent but not on her bum. She says all the concentration is always on her booty, but not her talent at all. She wishes people could see her as a very talented actress, but not a sexy girl on a screen. She thinks her booty doesn’t let people see her deep down, see her as a person and her talent.

actress Didi

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People always asked different questions about her booty. Last time when she was on Linda Ikeji, she read a lot of comments, where people asked whether her bum was real, made by surgeons or even worked on. Some people said it was made of plastic or something like that. However, girl makes sure her booty is real, like it’s 101% real. She said she was born this way, she was born like this. She hopes something will change and the world will stop noticing only her bum.

Latest news. NYSC membership.

NYSC nenber

Didi Ekanem, well-known Nollywood star, who has become famous due to her biggest butt in the Nigeria’s entertainment industry, is currently involved in NYSC (which is National Youth Service Corps).

The actress told that she had graduated about three years ago but she decided to detain her service year to continue her successful acting career. As fast as she finished university, she rapidly went to Lagos and began attending a film school in famous Royal arts academy. Since then, her career began ‘to go up’ and Didi Ekanem couldn’t go back to her service. Now, an actress says that she is very happy.  The detention was worth it as she managed to build her career and at the same time she had her degree. After NYSC registration a lady joined the service. Well, no matter when she did it. The most important is that she did, because country needs its youth! 

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