Has Lil Wayne decided to end his music career?

Is it true that Lil Wayne has decided to leave his music career? If so, what is the reason for it? Find out the real answer from the article.

Lil Wayne cancer

The news that Lil Wayne is leaving music career was a total surprise for most of his fans. He announced it on his profile in Tweeter. However, his fans were reluctant to believe it. It all started at a concert when a singer got frustrated with the crowd.

At his show in Milan, people were not fanatic enough about him, which drove him crazy. After a few songs, he left the stage. He looked outraged and frustrated. He never came back on stage. Even though his managers are trying to cover him saying that he got disappointed because of the unexpected technical issues, they cannot hide the truth from the public: a famous rapper got angry with his audience.

Unfortunately, this is not the only reason for him to leave the stage. Remember the rumors that went viral on the Internet about Lil Wayne having cancer? They turned out to be false, but his fans seemed to go nuts about this tragedy. News that Lil Wayne got cancer and had to leave his career due to a sickness that was eating him from the inside shook his fans.

Lil Wayne news

Here is what rumors about Lil Wayne’s cancer were shared five months ago. Lil Wayne allegedly was diagnosed with the fourth stage of skin cancer. As his fans claimed,  cancer could not have been diagnosed earlier as his body is fully covered with tattoos that were also suspected to be the reason he got the disease.

Those who spread the rumors even “quoted” Wayne’s doctors stating that they confirmed his condition. According to a fake source, the rapper only had a month maximum left to live. They also claimed that the rapper would not be left in the hospital. He was released to have a chance to enjoy his last moments with those he really loved.

Some even came up with an idea to fake-quote Lil Wayne as if saying that he wanted people at his funeral to drink lean and smoke something to really enjoy the occasion. Luckily, this fake got discovered really soon. The rapper mentioned that he had no cancer and is not dying. Nevertheless, recently he started having seizures even more often than he used too. Trusted sources state that this is one of the main reasons he is leaving his career.

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According to his Tweeter page, the singer’s last words to the crowd were: "I am now defenseless and mentally defeated & I leave gracefully and thankful I luh my fanz but I'm dun." It is not clear enough what he meant by that, but his fellow singers started retweeting his quote and sharing how they love him and want him to stay and keep up the good work.

Lil Wayne songs

His answer to that was "ain't looking for sympathy, just serenity. I'm good y'all don't trip." Here is what his fellow singers answered: “Prayers up for whatever u may be enduring right now this to will pass & may u find PEACE I will always be a fan of your work.” (Missy Elliot) and “Dear @LilTunechi I just wanna remind you that absolutely nothing and no one in this world can defeat you. Tell them devils back back." (Chance the Rapper)

A few quick facts about Lil Wayne to those of who cannot say that he was your biggest inspirations like for many of his fellow singers. Lil Wayne net worth is $150 million, so he can afford to leave his singing career and switching to a producing part.

Lil Wayne most favorite songs were “Drop the World” (even though some fans claim that song will not be as popular without Eminem in it), “6 Foot 7 Foot” (as it has a great beat, perfect style, and amazing lyrics), “A Milli” (some fans claim they love the part where the rapper says that his time goes up to Allah), “Lollipop” (even mothers allegedly sing to this one), and finally “How To Love” (as it is different from regular famous raps about love and girls, it is really meaningful). Listen to some of these to gain a better understanding of the rapper.


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