Has pregnant Lilian Esoro score high in her brand ambassador deal?

Did you hear the latest news about private life of Lilian Esoro? Read the article to learn hot facts about the star’s life!

It is known that recently famous actress – the star of Nollywood Lilian Esoro Franklin – has married. By hearsay, the woman actively uses all pleasure, which she derived with marriage. For example, she was noticed on big term of pregnancy in Abuja. Her husband, Ubi Franklin, which is the director of well-known band of Made Men, had to celebrate the birthday of his brother. Despite it, he massed the spouse's legs during a trip.

Lilian Esoro Franklin

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There is more news. By hearsay of admirers, they have noticed the Nollywood actress in the federal capital. According to people's words, he stayed there to conclude the bargain with Brand Ambassador, which gives benefit of several million to the actress.

On Wednesday, Lillian Esoro wrote good news in the Instagram. She told that she was officially approved as the company ambassador of Dunes Center. She has published photos in Instagram from this place with the signature 'We bless God'. Her husband has officially confirmed it.

Nollywood actress

So apparently, the actress lives rather magnificently and derives pleasure from her cooperation and marriage.


This is a woman's happiness to get married, have a baby, why for the people is so weird, because the stars are people too, and they tae woh need love and attention. Though the star, but she and the man who wants to live and enjoy life. This article about etayo beautiful woman and quadrupeds, I learned for the first time, or rather about her personal life. Let her be happy, because the camera is one thing, but the family and cozy corner is another. Now I will watch how the rest of her life on. And I wonder who she is born.

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