Has Tonto Dikeh really gained weight?

These days all Tonto Dikeh`s devoted fans have been discussing an interesting news. They say that their favorite Nigerian actress has recently become too fat. Is it really true? Let us figure it out!

A photo of Tonto Dikeh

Everything has started from prominent comedian MC Rasky. He has eagerly shared a photo of Tonto Dikeh and himself in his Instagram.

MC Rasky and Tonto Dikeh

After it all actress`s devotees couldn’t help but go gaga after seeing the real appearance of Tonto Dikeh.

The reaction of fans was like the following:

The reaction of fans

And like the following:

The reaction of fans on Tonto Dikeh

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In a few days, the celebrated Nollywood superstar shared her appeal via Instagram thanking her fans for stopping fat-shamming her over her extreme weight gained.

In August 2015, Tonto married Oladunni Churchill. By the way, he is the nephew of previous President of Nigeria Obasanjo.

Well, it's been over six months since she gave birth to her lovely son Andre Omodayo Churchill. It happened in February 2016.  Still Tonto looks fat and, therefore, fans descended on her like a ton of bricks, after MC Rasky shared a picture he took with Tonto on Instagram.

Tonto Dikeh

Moreover, Tonto Dikeh admitted that she did not make haste to lose weight. Because now she is engaged in a very important matter – bringing up her beloved son.

There is another important issue about Tonto`s health. Tonto is well known in Nollywood as a chain smoker. She began smoking when she was 14. Recently, the actress has confessed that she quitted smoking after prayers with Pastor T.B. Joshua.

Nigerian actress Tonto Dikeh

In June 2016, the actress celebrated her Instagram followers after she clocked One Million followers on this platform.

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