Has “Who you epp” of Olamide gone viral?

Did you hear new Olamide track, which has made a noise in the Internet? Learn the facts about new hit by YBNL boss!

Recently Lil Kesh released new album. However the song from YBNL boss - Olamide has eclipsed it news. Who you epp lyrics has shaken listeners on all Internet. The track is written in freestyle.

Who you epp lyrics

Two famous Nigerian rappers cooperated long time. They are partners since 2012. They are considered as one of the brightest stars in musical industry. But now they had a little collision and competition. It is obvious what Olamide wins this race.

The debut album Y.A.G.I from Lil Kesh was released in March, 2016. YBNL Nation persistently advanced this project. It has helped: the disk has reached improbable sales. But popularity of the album has quickly ended when Olamide created a new hit which became a shock for all Nigerian Internet-users.

YBNL Nation

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Thanks to quality of his content the rapper reached glory top. The song is made simply, but very expressive. 16 batches of instruments sound in it, but there is no text. The musician has drawn attention of Internet users. He called persons interested to sing it, and it became a real sensation.

Little-known rappers took part in it. Covers have filled all the Internet and pleased admirers. The album of Lil Kesh and track by Olamide are available on all devices. However, Lil Kesh album stays in shadow.


Order and compose tracks that they were known to the whole world, and it is very lucky, if the song won a number of viewers, it is a success. And you have to have the luck that would be so unleash your song. In fact the track is very steep, and I just really like, though, I did not even know about this title. The article is very useful for the novice artist,

for anyone who writes songs and is not yet known, because the Internet has a great possibility that you will hear someone. We now follow the news, how will track prodvigatsya on whether the track ratings drop.

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