Have Leo Mezie had a surgery?

Did you hear about serious kidney problems which were brought about famous Nollywood actor Leo Mezie? Read the article and find out about the results of his treatment.

Have a look

Nollywood star, Leo Mezie has finally returned home after successful therapy of his kidney disease in the capital of Great Britain.

His friend Ani Amatosero posted a new photo with him on her Instagram account, informing fans about his returning and being already healthy.

Leo himself

Earlier, because of the medical malpractice due to which actor was diagnosed different serious diseases which resulted in the fact that actor had serious problems with his kidneys. And that is why he had to apply doctors for medical help to prevent further problems and sudden health decline. Later he and his close family and friends asked people for financial help in the aggregate of N10 millions. After arrival to London, he had a serious surgery, and luckily it was quite successful.Being at the hospital, Leo Mezie shared a video devoted to all those people who helped him with the medication.

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But he has friends

When he was leaving he looked quite exhausted, sad and sickly, he became emaciated. And recently he returned to Nigeria, looking freshen and grown handsome. A lot of his adherents met him in the airport.

We can just be happy about him and wish him a good health.

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