Have two musicians Wizkid and Krane got into a fight in the new year?

Nigerian celebrities never get tired of supplying the breaking news to their fans. Find out what happened between Wizkid and Krane of late.

Usually we are of the name of this popular Nigeria musician in combination with other stars. For instance we read about Wizkid or Olamide – who is the richest? Or Wizkid and Davido – who is the best and got more fans. But this time it’s a different combination: Wizkid and Dammy Krane, and the fight. Get the latest Wizkid news! 

wizkid vs dammy krane

Both singers and musicians were hanging out with another celebrity Obafemi Martins – he is one of the top Nigerian footballers, national team and US club forward. He has thrown a party at one of the night clubs and invited all his famous friends.

Obafemi Martins footballer

It seems like the fight initiator was the Dammy Krane. He did not feel obliged to be nice to the other party guests and to Wizkid in particular. So, instead of wishing him happy new year, he started to say naughty things about his counterpart. Some of his accusation openly hinted at Wizkid stealing his music and ideas and trying to push him out of Nigeria music industry.

wizkid news 2016

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He has called him names and what is more took the conflict to the public and shared his opinions with his fans on Twitter.  Here is an example of his talk:

dammy krane quote on wizkid

And that is far not the naughtiest thing Krane had to say about Wizkid. It’s one thing to say it on Twitter, but when the two of them were seated at the same table… the fight broke out! It is reported that Krane aimed to hit Wizkid with the bottle and threw it at him, but missed.

breaking bottle wizkid

Others say Wizkid got first to the action and punched Dammy in his face for saying stuff about him. Anyways, the fight was stopped and both musicians ended up at the club’s owner office and told to “knock it off”. Learn more on their social media profiles. 

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