Have you checked out a video of Mr 2Kay making out with a mystery lady?

Do you want to know whether Mr 2Kay is dating someone? Why do they hide their relationship? All the fact and rumors are gathered here.

Mr 2Kay

A few days ago after Mr 2Kay hosted MyStreetz Magazine and also his friends for the MAP show, Mr 2Kay was caught with unknown lady in the back of a car making out (in Nigeria they like calling it Lovemaking). And it was just in front of the camera! Do you watch video where Mr 2Kay making out? It’s here!

Mr 2Kay making out video

The singer is very famous for his delivering sweet, light, meaningful melodious tunes. But now he is going really wild and shows his passionate and romantic side. The leaked video exploded the web. However, the participants of the video still don’t know who has captured their private moment, we are waiting for their comments.

Who is Mr 2Kay?

David Jumbo

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His real name is Abiye David Jumbo. His currently stage name is Mr 2kay. He works in the genre, which is appropriate for Afrobeats Record Label. Mr 2Kay was born in Nigeria, Rivers State, Port Harcourt. A guy came from a very difficult and tough background. He was raised by a single mom. He couldn’t get the education because of lack of funds.

He has received an admission from the University of Port Harcourt to learn Fine Arts, but he had to quit it because of the financial problems. Then he decided to go back to his city Bonny Island to operate with NLNG (Nigerian Liquefied Natural Gas). The project was taking place there, so he wanted to get money for his education fees, but the amount he got was not enough. So he decided to go after his biggest music dream.

Mr 2kay video

Mr 2kay was chosen by Grafton records after they saw his huge potential. And they decided to help him in sharpening his professional skills. In 2012 he released his first album called ‘Water side boy’ in the south. It became extremely popular so very soon he was nominated as Next rated performer in the Niger delta. He got the opportunity to represent the south of Nigeria in the Nigeria carnival tour performance in London.

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