Have you checked out Wizkid's girlfriend in bikini revealing stretch marks?

The deleted photo of Wizkid's girlfriend wearing bikini and revealing her stretch marks are here! You’ll find out everything you wanted to know about Wizkid’s personal life right now!

Justin Skye

Wizkid has already shown his new girlfriend Justin Skye. But now the girl came under extremely heavy fire from Wizkid’s fans when she shared one innocent photo of her own on the beach, have a good time.

The fans quickly discovered that she had stretch marks, and then began criticizing her, they beat and punished her for sharing this photo.

Wizkid's love

Wizkid's girlfriend has deleted that photo from her Instagram very quickly, but left the rest of the beach photos she had shared before. In June 2016, there appeared some rumors about the relationship between Nigerian pop star Wizkid, who is 26 and Justine Skye, beautiful American singer, who is 20. Medias were telling that they are dating and already for some months.

Wizkid's girlfriend

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All these rumors were based on some indirect tweets from Justin Skye and Wizzy. However, Wizkid Instagram didn’t prove anything. The American singer, who signed to Roc Nation, had previously told about her admiration for Wizkid as a person and his music that has already got into the United States. These two were also seen working together on some project in a studio.

On July 22, 2016 in New York at Barclays Centre during the One Africa Music Fest the rumors of Wizkid and Justin Skye relationship intensified once more. According to a lot of music industry sources the couple is now in a serious, romantic relationship.

Wizkid girlfriend

However, neither Nigerian singer nor Wizkid girlfriend proved their connection. Let’s wait, it’s certain that there is something between them.

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