Have you heard a new Chris Brown's song 'What would you do?'

What was Chris Brown arrested for again? What was his latest single about? Check out the latest news of Chris Brown and listen to his new song here right now!

Chris Brown

This Wednesday, on the 31th of August, Chris Brown, a popular singer, has released a new song named ‘What Would You Do’. It happened in less than 24 hours after he was released from prison on serious charges of recent assault with a deadly weapon.  A singer was released from prison on $250K bail, because assault charge is very serious law violation.

Chris Brown songs are always very successful in Nigeria. So people are looking forward them all the time! However, Chris Brown news often includes some rumors, fails and affairs. 

Chris Brown 2016

Chris Brown 2016

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Chris Brown was arrested on Tuesday by the police in Tarzana, California, at his luxury residence. Police had to come to Brown's villa, because of a call, that had come early in the morning from a lady who needed help, saying that she had been threatened with a Brown’s gun.

So on Tuesday morning, the officers responded to this message at about 3 a.m. from a lady who needed help. The robbery-homicide police division began the investigation and Chris Brown came out his house after the officers served a singer with a warrant. However, Chris was released very soon, at night on Tuesday, on $250,000 bail.

The fans have thought that Chris Brown new song is connected with this incident, however the lyrics have more typical Brown's romantic pop trend.

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