Have you heard the news? - P-Square is Back!

What is the destiny of the famous Nigerian duet PSquare? Have the brothers broken up or they are still together?

Hot news about Psquare: After Paul Okoye apologizes before the admirers for his behavior on Twitter, his colleague Peter Okoye wrote to the fans that the twin duet will have a performance at the musical festival in May.

P-Square is Back

Remember that break down of a duet is caused by Paul's quarrel with his brother, who is Psquare management. Earlier he wrote that his sibling isn't capable to carry out the duties at all. He also said that the duet doesn't break up, but the management has to be dismissed. Admirers found these posts rough.


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Later, he apologized to the followers. Paul said that everyone can make a mistake. He also told about the desire to abandon the sibling since 2013. The singer declared that he didn't do it only because of protest of his blood brother.

Then the performer declared that he begins solo career. He has placed a photo of a new management in his Instagram account and has reported that it is pleasant to work with this person. But followers waited for reunion of a duo. It seems that it finally happened.

news? P-Square is Back!

Now it is impossible to tell precisely is it a truth or lie. But one can be told for sure: participants of collective have forgotten about their quarrels for a while to please fans at the festival.

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