Have you seen how MTV Pranked Davido? His reaction is really hilarious!

Have you heard that Davido was pranked by MTV during its The Bigger Friday Show? Read the article and see all the details of the prank.


If you weren’t following the event, then let me tell you about what happened with Davido not long ago.

So, MTV Base’s show, called The Bigger Friday Show, has decided to play prank on Davido. It’s a night comedy show that is on TV every Friday; here its heroes play pranks on famous stars. Sounds interesting?


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This time Davido was pranked with the participation of HKN artiste, B-Red. The group of people came to his house and asked for money which they paid for his show.

Being pranked

Surprisingly, but Davido became rather furious and aggressive. He actually wanted to hit the group of prankers – so they decided to complete the prank to avoid negative consequences or destroyed things.

The show is going on and the next week you will be able to see how Reekado Banks and Cynthia Morgan will be pranked by the MTV team.

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