Have You Seen This Before ? Uchenna Abazu - First Degree Criminal And Fraudster

Uchenna studied Accountancy and graduated from the University of Nigeria Nsukka with a second class honours (upper division) in 2004

and joined Fidelity Bank plc in May 2006, after her youth service at entry level and was deployed to Domestic Operations.

An important member of our e-business operations – a specialized area that required regular training within and outside Nigeria. To

show how important she was, even as an EA, she just returned from a training in South Africa. A rare privilege for any staff at her level.

Unfortunately, she used the training and skill obtained from her desk negatively by perpetrating fraud, through fraudulent transfers

from one of the accounts she manages to her husband’s account. She successfully covered up by manipulating her colleagues and records,

before luck ran out on her.

She is married with a two year old daughter and currently pregnant, unfortunately her husband of more than 2 years disappeared when the

fraud was uncovered and has refused to show up, leaving her to her fate, even though he was the major beneficiary of the proceeds of the fraud.

Uche was arraigned at a Lagos Magistrate Court today on criminal charges of forgery, stealing etc and the judge ordered her to be remanded at the

Kirikiri maximum prison until the next hearing date of 17th April 2009. What a shame?



· There are a few honest young men out there, who loves for who you are. Most of them will want you because of where you work and

what you have.

· Being desperate will mean, getting into any relationship even when it may not be worth it. Uche’s husband is primary School Certificate holder.


· DO NOT be involved in fraud, don’t even think about it, it is not worth the stress. All the money will be lost and you will end up in jail like Uche.

· Do not conspire by being silence, even when you don’t have enough facts, say what you feel it may lead to bigger discovery.

· Be diligent at your work and protect your PASSWORDS, it is your identity and can always be traced to you.

Thank you

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Another sad statistics.


what a waste - please lock her up and throw the key away

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