Hollywood star will run for President

Who is the famous wrestler and Hollywood star who will run for Presidents in the United States? What is his key to success? Check out here!

Dwayne Johnson

The former wrestler and Hollywood star Dwayne Johnson who is also called “The Rock” is going to run for President of the USA.  The Rock is a Canadian and American actor, professional wrestler and producer.

He also starred in some Hollywood blockbuster movies such as “The Mummy Returns” in 2001 and “The Scorpion King” in 2002 as well as the “ Fast and the Furious” film series along wth Vin Diesel, Tyrese and Paul Walker.

former wrestler

The Forbes ranked Dwayne Johnson as the highest paid actor in Hollywood last week. Also, recently the superstar launched his own youtube channel.

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Intention to run for President of the United States of America

Dwayne Johnson shared a photo on the Instagram page, where he stated that he is going to run fo the Oval Office.

He said that he is grateful how this idea has become very real to many people. “Years from now if I feel I can step up and become a strong, impactful and authentic leader for the people and our country – I will. Until then let’s get pack to work.” – The Rock posted.

The Rock”

Some pieces of advice from the Rock for young generation

According to former wrestler, he is the effective leader because of his partners who are around him and a willing to work hard. His partners are much smarter than he is at what they do. Dwayne Johnson can make the directive and vision, but his team is the ones who execute and see the vision.

the highest paid actor in Hollywood

The Rock's key to success

Dwayne Johnson thinks that the key to success is surrounding yourself with high-quality individuals who are like-minded, sharing in your vision. There is no greatness achieved alone. The success is a result of the team effort. 

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