How actors lose weight fast?

Have you ever wondered how actors lose weight so fast? What diets do they opt for and what are the secrets behind such a success? Learn more here.

how actors lose weight fast Smith

Losing weight is important. Obesity or even some extra weight can be dangerous to your health. In fact, there is a link between obesity and increased chances of developing cancer. Therefore, people are often looking for ideas on how to remove some extra weight and what diet to opt for.

However, unlike us, ordinary citizens, who are only willing to get rid of annoying fat to look better or to improve health condition, celebrities often have to get thinner to fit in a new role in an upcoming movie. No matter the reasons behind such their decision is, we have gathered a list of celebrities that lost weight as well as their secrets on how to do that.

Will Smith lost weight

Let’s start with the Hollywood actor Will Smith.

Will Smith had his own long path from a skinny player that weighed around 84 kilograms and was absolutely not athletic to a large boxer character that weight 100 kg and had incredible muscles.

He said that to gain weight he used to do the bench press sessions as well as other tasks as a part of the weight training program. He had to spend around six hours in the gym learning how to box properly since he was about to play Ali in the movie. Thus, he gained much muscular weight in no time thanks to a specifically created program for him.

However, right after this role, he was chosen to play in the “I, Robot,” so the actor had to lose weight now. The requirements set for him were having not more than 7.5% fat in his body which meant that he would have to work out a lot to be in shape.

The producers also stated that Will Smith was supposed to be all muscular and not at all fat to fit the picture they had in mind. Thus, this is when the actor started running five miles every day and spent five days a week in the gym again.

how do actors lose weight fast, Will Smith

The idea was for him to train two body parts every day to keep an entire focus on his body. So he cut strictly on the calories intake and focused on eating healthy and no fast food whatsoever.

Then came the “I am Legend” for which Will Smith had to lose twenty kilograms in no time again. The thing is that for people like Will Smith losing weight is quite simple. At least it is definitely much easier for them than gaining weight on demand.

Thus, if you ask how to lose weight as fast as this celebrity, you won’t get a straight answer, as his well-functioning metabolism might be a lot different from yours. And metabolism plays a major role in this process. However, here are a few things he did every day to lose weight.

  • The celebrity stopped heavy weight lifting he was involved in when getting ready for the previous two movies. This time he opted for something at least a bit lighter not to grow muscles weight this time.
  • He kept running five miles every day to remain in the same good shape.
  • Smith avoided fast food at all. However, again with his digestion, he had no troubles with any food he wanted to consume.
  • Meanwhile, even on his healthy eating diet, he ate foods that were rich in nutrients and low in calories.

These are the Will Smith’s secrets on how to lose weight even after you worked so hard to gain it for some reason. This diet also did not ruin his muscles: they remained in the place since he was still working out, even though focusing on different body parts.

how celebrity lose weight so fast

Chaka Khan’s diet

Chaka Khan is quite a character. She is the owner of an amazing voice that made a lot of people gathered around the radio to listen to her fantastic songs. On top of that, she is an outstanding member of the society, as she helped women that suffered from the Hurricane Katrina’s destroying power. She established her own foundation to raise money and support these women and became very well-known for this initiative she took.

However, there is another thing apart from her talent and kindness that made her famous. If you look at her pictures before 2011 and now, you will be astonished by how much weight, she has lost. The thing is that five years ago this celebrity was diagnosed with diabetes and several other health issues that bothered her a lot.

The same year she has got a granddaughter who was of the pre-teen age. This situation and the troubles with her health mad Chaka Khan think more about the possibility of losing weight to be able to take care of the child and live a fruitful life.

The celebrity has decided to cut on meat and all the dairy products. So basically she became a vegetarian. She said that it was not too difficult for her, as she was never a big fan of these foods.

how do Hollywood actors lose weight so fast

As a result of becoming a vegetarian, Chaka Khan lost around 27 kilograms. However, before she became a vegetarian for the sake of weight loss, she used to follow the liquid diet which is when people only drink protein cocktails throughout the day. These cocktails tend to slow down the digestion process. On top of that, this diet often leads to returning to the weight that you had before the diet.

We do not know what effect the liquid diet had on Chaka Khan. But if eating vegetarian-approved food is something you are not afraid of, then you can easily use the method that helped our celebrity, Chaka Khan, lose weight so fast and easy.

how to lose weight fast like actors Hudson

Jennifer Hudson’s decision

Jennifer Hudson is another star from the Hollywood that lost weight easily and quickly and became even more famous for that. As she shared with the journalists, her secret was in determination. She knew she owed it to herself, and the way she looked determined how she felt a lot. So, this would be the lesson number one for you: remember why you are willing to lose weight to achieve the desirable result.

In the case of Jennifer, she lost ten sizes and states that she feels as good as never before in her entire life. She lost weight dramatically in 2010 and has not gained a kilogram since that time which makes her happy beyond the words.

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how to lose weight fast like actors

She says that her diet started in her head. She used to stick to some diets until she got bored o follow the instructions. She said that once she realized that she could easily lose weight thanks to “everything in moderation” principle, she felt relieved and ready to try it out.

Before this diet, Jennifer used to restrict herself. But now she sticks to the rule that she does not have to stay hungry, she just needs to be very careful with her portions. There is no reason to overeat or starve on the contrary. Besides, there are no foods she should not eat. She can eat whatever she wants as long as it is healthy and in moderate amount.

 And also, the celebrity jogs every morning to keep up the good shape as well as super circuits to stay fit.

So if you are still wondering how the celebrities lose weight so fast and easy, use the recommendations left by Jennifer Hudson to achieve the desired result and 3enjoy your shapes as much as she does.

how do actors and actresses lose weight so fast Jill Scott

Jill Scott loses weight

This actress has also demonstrated the astonishing results of her effective weight loss routine. How did she manage to do that in so little time? If you know what I am talking about: she looks merely fabulous now. So, no wonder so many people ask how she got to achieve such great results.

We have found an answer to this question that the celebrity has recently announced to the journalists. She says that she is trying to have fun at all times. She got this inspiration from her son who seems to enjoy discovering new things and try out something exciting every day.

Jill Scott says that losing weight is not something done overnight. She stated that she had to come to a point when “I’d walk up nine steps and be out of breath!” And although she’s down to 200lbs and plans to lose more weight, she said, “I’ll never be a stick figure.” When asked how baby boy Jett fits into her routine, she said she loves to take him along for biking outdoors. “We have fun!” The singer is doing a lot of fun activities with her son and never misses a chance to entertain him.

how do actors and actresses lose weight so fast Scott

However, she is also following a diet plan that is primarily restricted to three meals a day. These meals are all based on low-calorie products not to overeat.

Meanwhile, she is also working out in a gym on a regular basis. In fact, the celebrity is having three hours of cardio every day and some other exercise to increase her strength.

As you see, Jill Scott managed to combine losing weight and having fun. So, it is not necessarily a wearisome activity that will make you feel drained, bored, and starving by the end of the day.

50 Cent weight loss

50 Cent loses weight as well

In 2011, 50 Cent was offered a role in a movie, so he had to lose weight for the part. Therefore, the trusted sources inform that back then the celebrity had to stick to a very strict liquid diet and spent three hours every day in the gym to lose four stone in two months to drop to under 11 stone for his starring role in Things Fall Apart.

The diet was extremely strict; however, the rapper did not back out of the idea to star in a movie. So, he agreed to lose weight. You will hardly recognize him in the film, as 50 Cent used to be heavy and ripped (muscular-wise) celebrity. But in a film he appears rather skinny.

However, this is not his biggest achievement for the movie. The directors stated that the celebrity also gave up his tattoos and had them removed while filming. The thing is that the character in the movie was not supposed to have any tattoos on his body. So, the actor spent at least four hours a day while the tattoos were masked and made up on. To save this much time, 50 Cent underwent the procedure of removing the tattoos. What a determined star he is!

All in all, these are all the secrets we found out about the dramatic weight loss certain celebrities demonstrated. So, knowing their tricks, you will no longer wonder how Hollywood stars lose weight so quickly and fast. Just apply some of the recommendations and enjoy the astonishing results at the end of the day. Good luck!

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