How David Oyedepo started his ministry?

David Oyedepo is the most powerful and the richest pastor on the Earth. How did the pastor start his ministry?

David O. Oyedepo is a famous pastor, preacher and founder of Living Faith Church in Nigeria.  Moreover, the pastor has the influence on other churches in the Africa continent. His church net worth is cost around one hundred and fifty million dollars. The Forbes estimates his as one of the richest pastors on the Earth. The Winner`s Chapel network is located in three hundred cities around the whole Africa continent. Moreover, he is the pioneer in Christian charismatic movement in the whole Africa. Recently he started his ministry in the name of God. David O. Oyedepo is characterized as a very influential leader.

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David O. Oyedepo was born in Nigeria in a little town Osogbo. Still, he also defines Omu-Aran of Kwara State as a native place. He raised in a mix church family. His father was a Muslim, while his mother was a member of one of the Christian churches. His grandmother was the one who raised him in Osogbo. She also introduced him Christian church movements. David O. Oyedepo was reborn in 1969 under the influence of his church teacher. He claimed that received his mandate from God in the year 1981.  From the very this date, he started to create his network of churches which is now can be counted up to three hundred building.

David O. Oyedepo claims that he was chosen by God to create the existing network in the year 1998. He desired to build a new place for an increasing number of worshippers in Nigeria. Therefore, he built a large facility on fifty thousand seats which are now known as Canaanland. The construction was raised in tremendous short terms, like twelve months.  The church building of Canaanland became the main building for the whole church network created by David O. Oyedepo.

The teaching fate of the pastor put him into the category which is now known as Word of Faith Movement or in other words David O. Oyedepo Christian Ministry. His Chappel operates according to rules of Bible Institute. The member and non-members of the Word of Faith may participate in researches of the Institute and develop principles of Christianity in the world. David O. Oyedepo is claimed to be a president of DOMI. In this ministry, he managed to combine a lot of faith dwellers and churches around the whole Africa continent. He is fairly known as a main criticizer of corruption in Nigeria and teaches his followers not to steal neither from God nor people.

Even in the ministry post he still does not live one of his publishing house. It`s called DHP or Dominion Publishing House. He started his work as a writer of faith career in 1992. From that time, he has already published more than seventy books. The pastor also does not forget about the family life. He married Abiola Akano in 1982, and they have four children together.

Nevertheless, David O. Oyedepo church is now one of the most influential in Africa. The Ministry founded by him provides more attention to his network of churches. He has great plans for expanding his influence beyond only one continent and recently started a collaboration with EU churches.

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