How did 9ice escape armed robbery attack?

Why did someone want to rob a superstar 9ice? Where did it happen? Did 9ice escape armed robbery attack? Brief story is already in this article! Do not miss it!

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Not 9ice songs made a lot of noise around the celebrity. On the 6th of November in 2016, a popular singer, 9ice managed to escape armed robbers attack along Anthony Lagos.

The journalists talked with the singer and also his management team, they told that the attack had suddenly happened on Sunday night, which was the 6th of November 2016, when one of the favorite Nigerian singers was going to a show.

The terrible incident happened when 9ice was going to the newly opened club. The singer told that to get the car.

9ice escape armed robbery

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But a performer was able to turn back on the motion to the Coker road from the Town Planing way and, of course, escape…That sounded like real some Nollywood movie, but it was a real life. Did 9ice escape armed robbery attack due to someone’s help? We still do not know the details. However, 9ice biography has already got a new page due to this terrible situation.

While going from Coker road, that weird car conveyed four armed guys painted in harsh color crossed on 9ice expensive Benz red car. But 9ice understood that they had some evil plans when a singer was driving behind that armed robbers’ car.

9ice biography

He said that he thanked God for his narrow escape. He could not even imagine what he would experience on that Sunday night. In deed the robbers’ intention was certainly to get the car.

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