How did Bukky Ajayi die?

What factors became the reason of Bukky Ajayi’s death? How did her colleagues react at her death? Read the article to learn all the details about this tragic event.

Bukky Ajayi health

On the 6th of July Nigeria has said goodbye to the remarkable actress. In spite of the fact that Bukky Ajayi health was unsatisfactory recently, it became a great shock for all the country. Let’s remember her life and deeds.

Bukky Ajayi biography

Zainab Bukky Ajayi date of birth is February 2, 1934. She was born the Christian, but has accepted Islam in the early eighties and has chosen the name Zainab. Her love to theater began at absolutely early age when her father took her in the cinema. She studied in England. The actress lived abroad within six years as Federal government scholar. She has left England and has come back to Nigeria after education completed in 1965 and begun to work in Nigeria Television Authority (NTA) as the assistant in 1966. Subsequently, she became an originator and then the leader of news. She kept several children's programs, and also the program, which told about various Nigerian culture and Diran Ajijedidun was her producer.

Bukky Ajayi biography

Bukky Ajayi movies

Later Bukky Ajayi has moved to Port Harcourt and still later back to Lagos. At that time, she began her career as an actress. She began with the movie 'Village Headmaster' in the 70th, and then she has received a role in 'Checkmate', shot by the director Amaka Igwe. She has also acted in a set of home videos. The actress admitted that she doesn't know in how many such films she has taken part for all her life. Display of the international movie 'Critical Assignment' in South Africa became one of the main events in her life, which she has never forgotten. It has given her a chance to see how movies in other places, besides Nigeria, where usually movies are shot in five days, are made.

Bukky Ajayi dead

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Later the list of movies, in which the famous actress took part, began to be replenished. Among her most known works, it is possible to find Mother of George, Indecent Girl, Diamond Ring, Witches, Thunderbolt and many others. The actress also had a family and was a grandmother.

Bukky Ajayi date of birth

Bukky Ajayi dead

Quite recently Nigerian show business has lost one more talent, which has shaken the country by love and devotion to cinema and television. The actress Bukky Ajayi has died on July 6 approximately at 11 o'clock in the morning. Bukky Ajayi age was 82. The latest information said that she fought with heart-related disease before she has moved to permanent place to the residence Surulere. Before her death, she left a request for that she was buried immediately. Therefore, she has been buried in Atan Cementery at 16:00. Her death has caused rough reaction from her colleagues and the protégé in the film industry. Such famous actors as Biodun Okeowo and Yvonne Jegede have expressed the condolences and grief on social networks. Muyiwa Ademola said: 'We love and remember you, regardless of your religion. Now all of us have death in our souls. She has lived good life. We will always love you '. 'The contribution, which you left us, will always remind of you. Rest in peace' – Mercy Aigbe has written on the social network.

Bukky Ajayi movies

Still quite recently, the actress was honored in show of the African African Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards. That time many viewers already knew that Bukky Ajayisick. She was brought to the ceremony venue in a wheelchair. The actress has delivered an emotional speech, which has received great attention from the audience.

Reacting to sad news, Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) and the Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria (PMAN) was written about her death as about big loss for show business. Mr. Agility Onwura, the chairman and the head of Federal Capital Territory (FCT) AGN, has told that she has died when the younger generations of actors still got an extensive experience, relying on her talent. He said: 'News about her death has struck all of us'. Besides, Mr. Pretty Okafor, the National president of PMAN, has mourned the actress, having praised her deposit to Nollyvood growth and general show business in Nigeria. 'She was an enviable professional. Her sudden death will leave an indelible mark on show business'.

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