How did Davido react to dancer Kaffy's calling out?

Did you want to know about the Internet scandal between Kaffy and Davido? Read in the article about the consequences.


On 26 October extremely talented and famous Nigerian dancer Kaffy posted on her Instagram profile video with angry reaction on her colleague’s behaviour. African pop-star singer Davido has fired dancers who agreed to cooperate with him during the show at the last moment. Kaffy hailed him with profanity-laced rant; she said that it was very rude and dastardly from his point to act so on the eve of the show. She encouraged society to respect dancers all over the world. She said that it is not good to treat dancers disrespectfully because they help singers to be there where they are and to be real stars. They play the important role in the development of stars` career. Kaffy said that people pay serious money to see a good show, not only to hear his singing and jumping around the stage. She added that most artists and people who work with them do not care about anything, but money. This is very cruel and violent industry, oriented only at money.

Also, Kaffy asked the manager of Davido to react somehow to this video. A lot of people attacked the singer after her posts.

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A bit later Kaffy wrote a new message and brought Davido her apologise for her angry and rude words. But also she added that still she wants all dancers to be treated with respect and she is thinking about creating some organisation which will protect dancers. Dances change lives of many people, dances help to communicate without words and express the feelings and emotions, so dancers deserve some respect. Dances are kind of art, it is similar to drawing, but with our own bodies. Kaffy said that this concerns not only Africa, this problem is a worldwide.


Later official Davido`s choreographer posted his reaction on Kaffy`s manifest. He said she just returned to the country and she was misled by someone because Davido and his dancers do not have any problems. The singer just asked to sing some songs staying alone on the stage, but he did not want to fire anyone or something like that. Choreographer added that all dancers know he will always protect them in any case. Kaffy just became a victim of an Internet viral.

Also, a new video appeared on the Internet, proving that it is true. Davido did not fire any of dancers, they all took part in his show.

Later there was posted a new video, with a reaction of Davido about Kaffi`s madness. He said that he was shocked with dancer`s reaction and added that he has nothing against her.

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