How did John Okafor lose his little son?

John Okafor, better known as Mr Ibu, had a tragedy in his family. Unfortunately, his son died. You’ll find out all the details of this terrible situation in this article!

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Comic actor, known as Mr Ibu, John Okafor in a recent interview told how he lost his little son at LUTH and the role of the hospital staff. He told that the matter was between the Hospital Paediatric Department and him. It happened in 2011. John Okafor family: his wife and his two-year-old son were kidnapped. After he paid the demanded ransom, the kidnappers released them, then Mr Ibu returned from Enugu to Lagos.

Then on January 18, 2011, his son fell ill. A boy was diagnosed with serious inflammation of the liver. The hospital told that he should be scanned. At the same time, Okafor was informed that he could take his son out of the hospital to get this special scan done somewhere else. But later the same people claimed that everything had to be done in their hospital as a boy was too weak to be taken transferred.

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After some time, actor was told that there was no electricity in that hospital. When he asked whether there was no standby generator, they answered there was no fuel in it. John Okafor offered to pay for fuel, but it turned out that the man, who had to operate the generator was not around at all. When Mr Ibu left the hospital and came back later, that man still was not around. Then someone advised an actor to write an application in order to submit to the admin department.

So after writing this application, John Okafor found that there was none at all to receive or treat it. While a father was waiting, he found out that his son required urgent blood transfusion. John Okafor did everything possible to ensure that his son got the best treatment at the hospital, but, unfortunately, all his efforts were in vain. So John Okafor son dies…

john okafor son dies

Later, one of the hospital doctors came to him and, without even a drop of sympathizing, asked if an actor could release his son’s corpse to a doctor so that they had a possibility to cut it open and use it in order to teach their medical students. At that moment, an actor said, that he felt like he was committing some murder for the first time in his life.

When an actor told his lawyer about what happened at that hospital, he was really shocked. He claimed that it was really actionable. Mr Ibu told him that he was ready to take all the hospital management to the court and sue them all for $100 million in damages because his son’s death was caused by the terrible carelessness of these ‘professionals’ whose real duty was to save his life, to let him live. However, actor’s lawyer advised him to let it go…

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