How did Nigerian comedian Bovi lose his virginity at the age of 5?

How did comedian Bovi lose his virginity? Who was his first girl? What did he tell about his first sex experience? Brief biography and the latest news of famous comedian is here! Do not miss it!

Ugboma Bovi

In the Nigerian stand-up comedy, there are few male names, who have managed to succeed in creating a place under sun for themselves. Bovi comedian (his real name is Ugboma Bovi), is one of the successful ones on the Nigerian scene. His name is well-known for thousands of his fans and followers that remember him with a smile.

The comedian from Delta State has created a successful, blossoming career in the entertainment industry due his inimitable sense of humor.

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However, just when the fans thought they knew everything about the comedian and actor, Bovi Ugboma made a really shocking disclosure of his old secret in his honest chat with Moments Nigeria. The comedian surprised a lot of people following the revelation that he lost his virginity, when he was 5.

However, virginity means the physiological condition of the female body until defloration. It characterized by the presence of the hymen. But in men’s bodies, there is no clear evidence of virginity. The term ‘virgin’ is used in relation to men who have no sexual experience. In boys, the foreskin of the penis is connected to the head. Sometimes during intercourse, masturbation or others the bridle, which joins the foreskin to the head is torn and it is accompanied by pain.

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 According to the actor’s words, he first had sex, when he was 5 and the girl was 13 years old. It happened 31 years ago. He added that a girl was young and a very little girl, but I think that she had seen or even been exposed to too many adult things. They were neighbors, when he lived in Benin, in a twin duplex. And she took him in when her parents were out. A girl took him upstairs and at first they just played. She was very young and also she was a little girl, however, probably exposed to too much at her early age.

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The entertainer said that it happened in 1985. But it didn’t happen once. It continued for a while, however, he had never taught of it, he had never seen it as any issue. But he added that maybe it had some effect on him, it was that when he grew up, he became sexually attracted to older ladies.

At the same time, Bowie yesterday told the sad news about the robbery, which took place in his friend’s house and also his colleague BasketMouth in the early Wednesday morning. The comedian and also his family, reportedly were robbed by people with gun in their home in Lekki, carting away the expensive things.

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Telling the sad news, Bovi Ugboma wrote in his Instagram that his friend was robbed that morning on 7th of September 2016. His friend and his poor family were held at dangerous gun point while that terrible episode lasted. Fortunately, none was hurt. A lot of expensive things were taken away, including the CCTV device. People made the report at the police station. The robbers can’t be reached right now but people still hope that their stuff will be back on as soon as possible.

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