How did Nigerian singer Goldie die?

What do you know about the famous performer Goldie? How did she die? You can find a lot of facts in this article.

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The sudden death of popular singer and also Nigeria’s show woman at Big Brother Africa (BBA) Star Game show, beloved Goldie Harvey, shocked the whole country.

Nigerian musician Goldie died

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Journalists say the lady, who had recently came back from the popular Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, USA, died at Victoria Island Reddington Hospital, only few hours after she came to Lagos.

‘She was totally full of life, when she returned. But unexpectedly, something went terribly wrong,’ said our source, also he added that the singer died in the arms of her colleague and friend, whose name is Denrele Edun. He is known as a crazy-styled entertainer, also he is a former presenter of Sound City, popular music channel. Goldie died in Lagos.

Kenny Ogungbe (singer’s boss) was in very bad mood, upset and depressed, so journalists could not reach her on the telephone initially. However, the Repertoire Manager of Kennis Music, proved that the singer was dead indeed. All the details of the conditions and circumstances of Goldie’s death remain mystery and sketchy, as some people talk about the severe headache, at the same time the others say it could be a result of acute pneumonia.

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One account told that the singer had suffered terrible deep vein thrombosis, a blood clot happening because of sitting in one place during long hours flight, for example, from the USA. Reports also say such incident can be dangerous if it hits the person’s heart.

Goldie began her career in London, with her pop rock band. Her impact in the last BBA House was, in view of her betrayal by Kenyan Housemate, Prezzo, with whom she had an intimate moment.

Its influence in the final BBA house was very remarkable, because of her infidelity Kenyan Housemate, Prezzo, with him she had an intimate relationship.

‘I can’t characterize my relationship with Prezzo, but I know exactly that in the house I took care of him very much. He became the closest person for me in that house. I have not ever seen no of these stuff people outside saw. And I do not believe it even now, but still I don’t hold any grudge against him. I know he’s a great person and in any case, such is life,’ Goldie said in an exclusive interview after her eviction from the show and competition.

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It may shock you, but one of her strong wishes was to let her mum ‘raise from death’. Goldie told that The Nation in her recent interview.

Nonetheless, Kennis Music, her label, officially confirmed the untimely and shocking death of the pop star. Now everyone was sure Goldie Hawn died. There was a terse statement issued by Keke Ogungbe: ‘With a great sense of loss, we make a proclamation of the shocking, terrible death of our beloved music star, Goldie Harvey. Goldie, who was 31, died this Thursday after her complaining of some severe headache. It was very shortly after her coming back from the USA, where she was visiting the Grammy Award. Goldie was taken from her Park View (in Ikoyi, Lagos) residence to the hospital. It was Reddington, Victoria Island in Lagos. There the doctors announced Goldie dead on arrival at 7:30 pm in the evening’.

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‘We think this period is a difficult gloomy moment for all of us and the whole Nigerian music industry in general. According to the circumstance in which Goldie passed away. She exhibited the abundance of talent in her very short but still very eventful music career. She could get the various opportunities after her trip to the USA, she would have used them’.

‘She left her step- mother, father, brothers and sisters. We deeply sympathize her family and all the fans all over the world are very grateful to all the work she did for Nigerian music industry. We will certainly keep everybody informed. All these events caught us off guard and now we are extremely devastated by the terrible sudden loss'.

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A picture of Goldie Hawn dead shocked the fans. They didn’t expect to see her, lying there like sleeping. How did Goldie Harvey die? As for now – it is a real mystery. However, fans have their own ideas, as she might have been killed because of her lover or by opponents in the music industry. In any case, unfortunately, Nigerian singer Goldie died. And we can’t make her come back. So RIP, Goldie, your fans will never forget you!

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