How does Wizkid's new house in LA look like?

Have you seen the new house of Wizkid in the United States of America? It is pretty awesome. Check out its pictures in our article.

Wizkid houseCelebrities buying new homes and showing off on the Internet is far from being something new. However, some of the houses are really worth to have a look at. They are big and pretty luxurious. That is why in this article, we will introduce you to a new piece of property by Wizkid.

Not only the house looks unbelievably huge, but it is also quite expensive. According to what the celebrity states, Wizkid’s house in Los Angeles costs approximately N200 million. Obviously, it is not too much money for a star; however, how is he going to pay for all the household needs of this mansion?

Wizkid new house

Wizkid states that his new house is located in an area where all the famous people have their townhouses. There are no close neighbors to this place, and the star seems to enjoy this fact very much. Despite the fact that Wizkid is known to steal lyrics from famous singers, he seems to still remain a favorite singer. He got a chance to work with real professionals and gain their perspective on the art of being a great musician.

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Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun who is mostly known as Wizkid is only 26 years old, and he seems to be too young to afford a house like this. However, he stated that he always to have a house in the United States, as though he comes from Nigeria, he spends much time on his tours in America. So it will be good for him to have a place to stay in between the concerts, have fun and enjoy his life.

Moreover, it will be a perfect place for his son to stay in. If you did not know, Wizkid is a father to a cute boy named Boluwatife. He loves having his son around and spending time with him is paramount to the celebrity. That is why having his own place, especially so luxurious as the new house of Wizkid in America, is a perfect thing for a family reunion with his child.

Wizkid house in the USA

You can find his pictures in this article or search for more information about it online. However, Wizkid did not post too many pictures of his house online. We believe it is wise, knowing that giving a tour around your house is for your fans on the Internet is not safe. Being a father, Wizkid is very safety-conscious, so he shared a general view of the house but did not go into presenting little details.

You can also check out our video with the houses of other Nigerian celebrities and information they shared with their fans about them. Make sure to stay cool and not get too jealous of them!

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