How Eva Alordiah survived the road accident?

Why did Eva Alordiah recently had near death experiecne? Find out the shocking news now.

Seems like Monday 28th of March 2016 was a pretty eventful day. And Nigerian rapper Eva Alordiah has also had her share of events, in her case it was trouble. She got into a minor car crash driving her mother’s vehicle.

Eva Alordiah car accident

The accident took place in Ikeja, Lagos. The popular singer is praising God for His mercy and for her safety. She has shared her impressions of the event on Instagram and mentioned that it was a near death experience for her. Luckily she had the seat belt keeping her in her seat. Otherwise, Eva might have flown out of the windshield of the car.

car crash of Eva Alordiah

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Even now the female rapper seems to hear those horrible sounds of metal clash and rubber on the road. Two more people are engaged in the car crash. A man has hit Eva’s car from behind and she clashed into the front car with woman driving it. It seems like the police is still investigating this case.

eva alordiah rapper

Praise the Lord that Eva Alordiah did not have any damage done to her physically. Surely, her mother’s car is a mess. But that is much less trouble, because her health or even life could be endangered. 

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