How Linda Ikeji make her money?

What companies does Linda Ikeji cooperate with? How much money does she earn from this activity? Read the article and you’ll learn all secrets about the most famous blogger in Nigeria.

How Linda Ikeji make her money

Many Nigerians treat Linda's earnings with big suspicion. Recently she has bought a big house on Banana Island, and it has caused a wave of negative responses. However, people don't know that Linda earns her money only thanks to the blog. After the girl has taken place in the list Forbes, some envious persons began to claim that she takes money from other sources.

How Linda Ikeji make her money 1

One most spread rumor is the fact that Ikeji has received compensation from the politician at a rate of N500 millions. This story is a simple gossip, but Nigerians often need the reason to doubt rather original success.

Actually, despite high-class purchases such as footwear and bags for one thousand dollars, Linda's intentions are honest. She doesn't seek to cause envy. The blogger tries to help young Nigerian women to make a new way. Usually they rely on men. However, enterprise success of Linda and a business grasp show that there is a successful alternative to old traditions.

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Let's find out how Linda Ikeji make her money:

  • According to some information, Linda and her colleagues earn about $50,000 monthly thanks to cooperation with Google.
  • The blogger earns one million N in a month by means of 700 thousand advertising banners. They appear on the official site of Linda, especially when you are registered. According to some information, Jumia, whose banner remains on the website round the clock, has paid Linda N12 millions. Sometimes other advertisers also choose sites for placement of banners, and Linda shares the place for two companies. Thus in a year Linda does minimum N18 millions just for that.

How Linda Ikeji make her money 3

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  • Linda earns between 500k and 700k in a month thanks to side banners, and she has at least 6 – 8 advertisers who at any moment are bringing her the income in size of N3 million monthly.
  • The blogger also earns 50,000 for sponsored mail, and according to some information she does about 5 – 10 of them daily that brings in her potential income N500k. For example, recently she sponsored Martel.

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  • If you are included into Linda Ikeji's blog on tablet, you will notice an announcement of MTN on a background, which cost N4 million a week. Thus, potentially Linda does N16 million monthly because of it.

Thus, on set of these ways of earnings Linda can receive from N50 up to N70 million a month by means of announcements and cooperation with Google only. After calculations, you will understand that it makes about N 840 million a year or nearly one billion.







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