How many children does 2Face Idibia have?

What do you know about 2face Idibia family? How many children does he have? Who are they?


Innocent Ujah Idibia or also best known for his stage name 2face Idibia is a famous singer, producer, and songwriter from Nigeria. He is one of the most famous artists and singers in Africa. He was awarded by numerous music academy awards not only in Africa but also in Europe and worldwide. 2face Idibia family is really big and consist of nine persons. He was recently married and according to sources his wife also desires to follow the step of her husband and recently opened a beauty salon in Atlanta. 2face Idibia children enjoyed the life of richness in a family of a famous singer.

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Idibia`s daughter

Isabel Idibia is the first daughter of Annie. The child was born long before 2face Idibia and Annie became husband and wife.

Idibia`s children

Nino and Zion Idibia are sons of 2face Idibia and Sumbo Ajaba. Nino is th oldest child of 2face.

Idibia`s children

Justin Agaba Idibia and Rose Idibia are the children of 2face Idibia and Pero Adeniyi.

Idibia`s son

Innocent Ejeh Oluwakitan Idibia is the last son for this moment for 2face Idibia.

Idibia`s daughter

Olivia is the second daughter of Annie and 2face Idibia.

It seems that 2face Idibia likes to have a big family. According to news sources, Father Idibia does not have any favorites in his children. All of them are treated fairly enough and enjoy the life of famous kids from a popular singer. Nevertheless, women with whom 2face had first children are naturally jealous to the Annie. She seems to be the first and last woman who managed to take 2face Idibia under the altar. Surely, husband and wife may have quarrels about kids, but Idibia has quarrels about kids not only with one woman. It`s a certain responsibility to bring to life so many people and greater responsibility to make people of them. Idibia surely has many plans for his beloved children.

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