How much is Wale's net worth?

American well-known and popular rapper Olubowale Victor Akintimehin, or as you have already got accustomed with his nickname Wale, was born in 1984 in Washington D.C. By the way, the musician, as well as the songwriter, prefers to decipher his stage name as "We Ain't Like Everyone".

Wale rapper

Wale was born in a family of immigrants from the south-western Nigeria, of the Yoruba people. To the United States Wale's parents arrived from Austria in 1979. His family lived in Northwest Washington before moving to Montgomery County in 1994, when Wale was only 10 years old.

In 2001 he graduated from high school "Quince Orchard" in Gaithersburg.

In 2002 the family moved to Vale Largo, County Prince George's County (Maryland). Wale decided to study in the Robert Morris University in the suburbs of Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania) and the University of Virginia (Chesterfield County), then he transferred to Bowie State University (District of Prince George's County), but dropped it.

He became famous in 2005 when the magazine about hip-hop - The Source - wrote about him in the category "Unsigned Hype", which is dedicated to the MC without contracts, but with great potential.

In 2006, Washington has heard a popular song of Wale «Dig Dug (Shake It)». The musician has been recognized locally and went on to write and record music for a regional audience, where he was a very popular person.

In the same year 2006, he was noticed by producer Mark Ronson.

Wale rapper

He was quite lucky and in 2007 Wale made a really successful decision, so he signed a contract with Allido Recordsy.

Just after this moment he has managed to release several songs. What's more, he appeared in the national media, including MTV and various popular magazines among the Americans.

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In 2008, Wale decided to sing a contract for $ 1.3 million with Interscopes Records, and his debut album "Attention Deficit" was released in 2009 with the single "Chillin", "Pretty Girls" and "World Tour". The album, although being a little bit row, received positive reviews from the musician critics. In early 2011, Wale was lucky to  sign one more contract with Maybach Music Group, the label which is known due to hip-hop artist Rick Ross, who on the 23rd of May 2011 has published a collection of "Self Made Vol.1". The second studio album of Wale, Ambition, was released on the 1st of November  2011. "The Gifted" - this is the third album which was released in June 26, 2013.

Wale rapper

What is wale net worth?

Frankly speaking, Wale has a good sense of an entrepreneur. He makes his net worth from his shows as well as TV-shows, record releases, he also has a good index of selling albums, endorsement - taking part in different advertising companies of famous brands and trends - and, of course, we can't but help saying about his tours across the Globe.

Wale net worth has become possible, as one of the factors, due to the mix of go-go and his rap style. This is what was said by him. The talented musician has gained over 40 tracks under his stage name and has made a good bargain, having sold over 50 million copies of his three albums.

Wale rapper

Wale net worth 2016 FORBES - this well-known magazine has estimated Wale net worth. Taking into account all the calculations it comprises $6 million. Just imagine.

Rapper Wale net worth is also was gained, as we have already mentioned above, due to the prices for his nice job - 25 thousand dollars per one show for bookings and of course he is paid over for organizing different concerts and events - from $700 to $2,500.

Despite being so famous and popular he still organizes ‘free concerts’ for his Washington DC fans. There is a rumor that the musician has signed a closed door deal with one of the biggest footwear brand “Nike” with such terms of a treaty that he isn't to follow any footwear except the production of Nike brand. According to the sources, this hidden deal took place in 2013.

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