How Nigerian celebrities spent Father's day 2016?

Have you celebrated a Father’s Day? And have you seen Nigerian celebrities posting a photos dedicated to this magnificent holiday? Read the article to see!

father's day

June 21 is international Father’s day. Millions used their social media accounts to congratulate their pops, the most essential men in our lives. Nigerians celebrities were not the exception. Let us take a look on their adorable posts where they expressed love and happiness to celebrate this holiday.

Paul Okoye

pauk okoye

Known also as a member of P-Square, Paul Okoye posted a few photos of his really cute son and niece.

Yvonne Nelson

yvonne nelson

This Nollywood actress is known for her originality. So she posted a very interesting photo, congratulating her mother with a Father’s Day.
“Happiness is seeing your MOTHER smile. Happy Father’s Day Mama,” she wrote.

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Jude Okoye

jude okoye

P-Square’s manager Jude Okoye shared a heart-touching photo with his new-born daughter.
It said “That moment you realize everything’s changed for the best. Happy Father’s Day to all Fathers in the world”.

Nse Ikpe Etim

nse ikpe etim

Popular Nigerian actress posted a funny photo with her husband laying in their bad, saying “Happy Father’s Day to an amazing Man! #partnerincrime #funnyfaces#fathersday“



Nigerian comedian and actor posted a photo with his children saying “Reality is now better than my dreams”.


2baba, a proud father of his children was seen wearing a black ‘buba and trouser’ and a red cap with pair of sunglasses. He endlessly danced with his daughter Isabella Idibia and also took pictures with a number of children in her school.  It was a proud moment for Innocent Idibia when Isabella was called upon to give her Father’s Day speech.

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