How popular is Ramsey Nouah?

Who is your favorite NIgerian actor? Is it Ramsey Nouah? Learn more about his biography and news.

Ramsey Nouah has quickly reached popularity and fascinated the audience. He became one of favourites in the world of Nigerian show business. Let's understand what this person is. There are some facts about life of this personality and Ramsey Nouah biography.

How popular is Ramsey Nouah?

Who is Ramsey Nouah?

Probably, it is the most obvious question, which can arise at the mention of the name of this man. Ramsey Nouah is a famous Nigerian actor. Initially he wanted to become a musician, but people often advised him to try acting skills.

Ramsey Nouah?

 He is an owner of such prizes as Africa Movie Academy awards. Nouah was recognized as the best actor and the best performer of a male role. In addition, he is one of activists, who make a big contribution to development of the African cinema. He not only financially supports it, but also is the owner of his own film company.

Who is Ramsey Nouah?

Is Ramsay Nouah dead?

Also people can ask whether the actor is alive now. Fortunately, he lives and young. Ramsey Nouah is full of strength and inspiration for new achievements.

Is Ramsay Nouah dead?

How old is Ramsey Nouah?

Then there is an obvious question: how old is he? The actor is 45. He was born on 19 December 1970 in Endo state, in the family, which consists of Israel father and Nigerian mother.

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Ramsey Nouah movies

Ramsey Nouah movies 2016

Of course, the most important fact in the biography of the actor is information about movies, in which he acted. He has quite big list of it. Several bout movies were brightened up by participation of Ramsey Nouah. The TV series Fortunes became a debut of the actor. It provided him popularity. The role in Silent Night movie became the first role of him on the big screen. After that, the actor received only romantic roles. Because of it, he began to be often called hero-lover. However, in 2004 he destroyed this image. He played a hooligan in Dangerous Twins. After that, Nouah was recognized as the many-sided actor. His popularity was only growing up.

In addition, he took part in such movies as Reloaded, The Figurine, Guilty Pleasures, Weekend Getaway, 30 Days in Atlanta, The Grave Dust, and many others. Nouah received an award for The Figurine movie.

Ramsey Nouah movies

IsRamsey Nouah married?

Of course, after such big achievements of the actor, many women will become interested whether he is married. To their regret, he is happy in marriage with Emelia Philips-Nouah and has 3 children.

Ramsey Nouah Emelia Philips-Nouah

Well, now you know many facts about this actor. And to look at his creativity in more details, it is worth watching movies with his participation. For certain, the viewer won't be disappointed because Nouah is a prominent talented actor.

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