How to take part in Maltina Dancehall reality TV show?

Are you a gifted dancer? Show your talents together with those of your family and become a star of the Maltina Dancehall stage! The registration process will be over soon, so hurry up!

Maltina Dance all

Maltina Dancehall contest started in 2007 and since that time attracts thousands of people to participate or at least to watch it and support their favorite contestants. The interest of the viewers is also raised as the candidates compete with their whole families or a bunch of friends.

Maltina Dance all is a place where talented dancers meet to express themselves and learn more in this area. The prize of the Maltina Dance all is huge – you will become the official Best Nigerian Dance Family. The dance styles you can use in your performance include Salsa, Jive, Wazobia, Gumboot, Hip Hop and Pantomime. The contestants are encouraged to outdo themselves in their performances and prove to be Number One Nigerian Dance family.

It is already the 9th season for this amazing Dance show. Malrina Dance All is open in 2016, and you are welcome to apply for it to come to the Maltina Dance all audition. The “headhunters” of the Maltina Dance all are now looking for the talents throughout all the states of Nigeria. They have travelled back and forth to see what the applicants have to offer them. And right now it is your chance to become a celebrity alongside your family members or close friends.

maltina dance all audition

You can apply for an audition at Maltina Dance All and in case you get to amaze the judges with your talent, passion, and persistence you will get a chance to fight for the title of the Number One Dance Family of Nigeria. All you need to do is to go through the process of application step by step and stay determined to win.

First of all, you need to download the theme song of the Maltina Dance All from the official website of the Dance show. The song can be found on www.maltinadanceall.tv. Just download it from there and feel the rhythm of it. Ask one of your friends to help you create a short dance performance in one of the styles we mentioned above (Salsa, Jive, Wazobia, Gumboot, Hip Hop and Pantomime). Make sure to dance to the rhythm and express all of your skills in the video.

Make sure that the video you made for the contest is no longer than one minute. Videos longer than that will not be watched. Therefore, keep in mind that you should do your best in that video: do not make the “introduction” part too long, go to the most important part right away. Otherwise, you won’t have time to impress the judges.

maltina dance all 2016

After your unique video is created, upload it to www.maltinadanceall.tv. The next thing for you to do is to make people know about your video. You can inform your friends on your social network that you are taking part in the contest and ask them and their friends as well to watch it and evaluate. If they think the video is cool, then can leave a “like” for it on the website.

However, be honest: do not ask people to put likes for your video if they did not really like it or did not even watch it. It is your responsibility to make a video that shows your great talent and is made in a way that is exciting to watch. The more likes you get after the panel of judges of Maltina Dance All approve of it, the higher your chances are to get into the contest.

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The panel of judges includes the best of the best professional that are qualified enough to evaluate your dancing skills and potential you have. They will be asked to go through the videos to select those that attracted the biggest number of likes. The judges will check the videos and whether they meet the criteria of the contest. You can familiarize yourself with the requirements for the contest videos on the official website of Maltina Dance All - www.maltinadanceall.tv.

maltina dance all 2016 season 9

The winner of Maltina Dance All Season 9 Happiness Amplified will be awarded a prestigious title as well as a cash prize – N10.000.000. That is quite a prize! So take heart and fight for the victory. The contest has its accounts on social networks. So you can follow it and its latest news and updates even if you are not going to participate in it. Find Maltina dances All 2016 under the hashtags #HappinessAmplified, #MDA9.

After you uploaded and sent the video of you and your friend or a family member to the www.maltinadanceall.tv you should also fill out the application form on the website. The application form includes general questions to identify you and your team as well questions on whether you have any physical challenges.

The “Entries” section of the website is where all the videos of the contestants can be found. The absolute leader likewise has 1051 likes so far. Today is the last day you can apply for the show. The deadline to submit your video is August 19, 2016, at 11:59 p.m.

The high standards all the contests are to meet include the uniqueness, musicality, originality, delivery, versatility and technique of the dancing skills they showed in the video. A particular requirement a panel of judges asked the contestants to add to the performance of each group is a surprise element in their video. As long as you got to surprise the target audience which so far is the judging panel, you are closer to becoming a contestant leader! Those videos that contain abuse, profane pictures or any kind of discrimination will not be allowed to the contest.

maltina dancehall winner

To crown it all here is a list of the winners of the previous years to encourage you and inspire to move. Since it already is the 9th season, here we present you a list of eight families that won Maltina Dance all in years before.

One of the past winners of the Maltina Dance All were the Onye family. They got to astonish the panel of judges and win the prize. The family won in 2007, and their team consisted of Chief Albert ( father), Lolo Eunice (a mother), Anderson (a brother) and Chika (a brother).

The next family that won Maltina Dance All were the Opuwari Family. In 2008 Dobubo, Edith Ukalina Celine, Olga Ogomo, and Emmanuel were titled as Number One Dance Family in Nigeria and went home with a huge prize given to them for their talents.

The family that won Maltina Dance All in 2009 was the Ibiam Family. The family members that took part in the contest were Mildred, Queen Ibiam, Pastor Lloyd Imgbi Mary and Okoi.  Our next lucky family that won the Maltina Dance All in its next season were the Adejo family. Originally the family comes from the Kogi state.

maltina dancehall winner green family

Meet the next winner of Maltina Dance All. They are the Ekubo Family. The family took part all together: the elder brother Felix, the mother named Beauty, uncle Solomon, the father and a younger sister named Glory.

Season 8 in Maltina Dance All was won by the Green family including Green, Telema (mother), Duma (uncle), Blanklson and Opus (brothers). The family comes from Rivers state. And finally the last and probably most famous winners of the Maltina Dance All contest are the Utere family. This show was more than a mere performance. All the contestants got to surprise the panel of judges and gave them some hard time picking the best among the great dancers. The fans of the show remember Maltina Dance All as the most awesome dance show they have ever seen before.

So check out the performances of the winners of past seasons and get inspired to fight for the right to be called the Number One Dance family in Nigeria! If you have a talent in dancing, do not cover it up but rather go for a chance to let people see it! And that is what Maltina Dance All 2016 is for!

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