How Yemi Alade managed to become the Queen of Afrobeats?

Do you know who new Queen of Afrobeat, Yemi Alade, is? Read the article and find out the secrets of stunning success of this extremely beautiful and talented woman.

Yemi Alade

The new queen of Afrobeat appeared. Recently, popular magazine Fader gave this title to the extremely beautiful, talented and famous woman, one of the main modern Nigerian artists, Yemi Alade. Everyone knows that Yemi did her best and worked really hard to become the person who she is now. She is fame is much outside Africa, she worldwide known the singer, her hits are always on top position in music charts and last year she became the best female at MTV African music awards. Of course, not everyone will agree that this title belongs to Yemi Alade, some people are convinced that the real queen of Afrobeat is still Tiwa Savage, who is even more popular than Yemi.

Let`s see what is so special in Yemi Alade, why and how did she manage to become a Queen.

Her main talent is her ability to connect different cultures and traditions with the help of her music. In her songs, she combines many different cultures` element from many parts of the world.

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She is not afraid of challenges and is always ready to meet the highest expectations, as we could see while her recent album recording.

Queen of Afrobeat

Also, the singer is inspired by famous African musicians who are now developing and capturing their own armies of American fans, she is very proud of them and wants to do same in future.

Another distinctive feature of Yemi Alade is that even after becoming extremely popular and successful she does not give up hardworking, she is always trying to surprise her fans and looking for some new, fresh ideas.

And the most important is that Yemi is very independent, she does not try to match anyone, she is a personality and she is proud of it.

You can love her or not, but you cannot disrespect her and underestimate her achievements.

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