Ini Edo vs Tonto Dikeh who is more stylish and popular?

Love Nollywood? Get all the Nollywood news on Ini Edo and Tonto Dikeh. Find out which one is more popular.

Do you like Nigerian celebrities? Are you interested in their lives and careers? Let’s find out, who is the most famous and stylish Nollywood actress. We are going to look at Ini Edo and Tonto Dikeh. Get to know more about their style and private affairs.

Ini Edo vs Tonto Dikeh

Ini Edo biography

She was born in 1982 in Akwa Ibom. This star graduated from University of Calabar with the diploma in Theatre Arts. Ini began her professional career in Nollywood moviesin 2000. Nowadays she is really prominent and beautiful actress. Ini has starred in more than 200 films by now. Besides, she was called Miss Black Africa UK Pageant in 2013. She was also a nominee in Giama in 2014 as the best actress, female viewers’ choice and best comedic act. Ini Edo was nominated for Nollywood Movies Awards as well. And in 2013, she won Nafca as the best supporting actress.

Ini Edo

How old is Ini Edo now?

Ini is currently 33. She is adored by many, not only for her outstanding talent, but also for her love of fashion. Her outfits always attract public attention. And she has even become a kind of idol for plenty of women.

Ini Edo biography

Is Ini Edo a twin?

There have been so many rumors concerning this issue. There is an actress – Esther Urrah, who looks just like Ini Edo. The resemblance is really striking. That’s why they are called twin-sisters. But the fact is that there are not relatives at all. Ini was born in Akwa Ibom, while Esther comes from Benue State. Anyway, they look tremendously alike.

Is Ini Edo a twin

Is Ini Edo married?

There is nothing to wonder that this gorgeous woman has already been married. It happened in 2008. However, the couple divorced more than a year ago. There have been lots of gossips on the issue. The reports say they Ini cheated on her husband and he beat her. Besides, she was not able to bear a kid.

Edo married

Who is Ini Edo husband?

The husband of the popular star was American-based Nigerian businessman. His name is Philip Ehiagwina. However, as we have mentioned, they divorced in 2014.

Ini Edo husband

Does Ini Edo have a baby?

Ini Edo has not able to bear a child for quite long time. Nevertheless, we still hope that it may happen sooner or later.

Tonto Dikeh biography

This wonderful actress and singer was born in 1985. She grew up with six other brothers and sisters. She claims that the first step to the movie industry has been made in 2005. She took part in reality TV show The Next Movie Star and became the first runner up. Soon after this, Tonto got to the top. Many controversies are connected with her career. In one of her films, there were several nude scenes. She was criticized by many because of this fact.

Tonto Dikeh

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Dikeh decided to try music career after starring in a few movies. She made her debut with the release of the singles Hi and Itz Ova feat Snypa. However, there appeared to be critics of her vocal abilities as well.

By now, Tonto has featured in almost 30 movies and continues her career.

Where did Tonto Dikeh come from?

This prominent woman was born in Nigeria, in State of Rivers. Her native town is Port Harcourt. This Nigerian personality is very trendy and beautiful. Her clothes keep drawing people’s attention. Her photos and outfits are always classy and sexy. And her looks are marvelous.

Tonto Dikeh biography

Is Tonto Dikeh married?

She is not currentlymarried. But Nollywood newssay she has a boyfriend. There is no concrete information concerning her personal life though. We only know the name of her lover – Oladunni Churchill.

Tonto Dikeh married

Tonto Dikeh wedding

The couple may get married officially soon. As the reports say, the ceremony of paying bride’s price (traditional wedding ceremony) happened in August, 2015 in the native town of the actress. The pictures are available on the Internet. Both of them look extremely beautiful and stylish.

Tonto Dikeh wedding

Tonto Dikeh baby

The star has denied it for long time. But now we know the truth. She is pregnant. You can already see her baby bump.

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Well, both actresses deserve their fame and people’s attention. They are icons of style. It’s up to you to decide, who you like more.

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