Is Aisha Dankano dead? – Another loss among talented Nigerian actors!

Has Kannywood suffered bitter loss? Find out the name and biography of the late actress.

So sad! Hausa actress Aisha Dan Kano is dead. On Tuesday (23rd February 2016) popular Kannywood actress Aisha Dankano passed away. Learn more about this great and talented lady.

Is Aisha Dankano dead

Aisha Dankano biography

The actress has also been known as Sima. Her full name is Aisha Muhammad Dan Kano  and she was borni n 1982. She has recently turned 34, which makes it even sadder to lose a great talent at such an age. She has been ill for a short while. And she passed away being surrounded by her friends and family.

Aisha Dankano Kannywood

The burial has already taken place following all the Islamic traditions. This Kano state actress resided in Gwammaja area. She passed away at about 2 p.m. Her death was a peaceful one. Here is a short list of the movies she has starred in: Jarumai, Dan Tijara and Jarumai Two.

Aisha Dankano biography

She had a family – her husband and kids, which grieve the bitter loss now along with the entire Kannywood actor community. Bilkisu was one of the first movies of this actress shot by the late producer Aminu Hassan Yakasai.

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She has also starred in such films as Zeenat and Kayar Ruwa. In 2015 she has received the award from Kannywood for playing the best Villain role in the movies.

Aisha Dankano award

This same day Nollywood has lost one of its talented actors Festus Aguebor in Edo state. Such a tragic day! R.I.P. Aisha Dankano.

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