Is Akon dead?

What are the latest news about Akon and what is his career interesting with? Why did he go to prison some time ago? Read the information below to learn more surprising facts about one of the most successful rappers and producers.

Akon biography

Akon biography

Akon full name is Aliaume Damala Badara Akon Thiam. He is a popular rap-performer. He became the first solo actor who has taken the two first places in Billboard Hot 100 twice at once. Akon was born in St. Louis and has spent the most part of the childhood in the West African country of Senegal, which he calls the homeland. In 7 years he has immigrated to the USA. As for the date of birth, Akon carefully hides it. This is the reason why many mass media reports are incorrect.

Akon has written the first composition at school. Practically right after moving to the USA, he has problems with the law. The teenager was arrested for the armed robbery of the shop and drug trafficking. Akon has spent five years in prison, but he has rethought his actions and has decided to follow a way of correction and to practice music through the years spent in prison weren't in vain. He has written the majority of texts to future hits there.

After prison, Akon at once begins to prepare for record several rap ballads about his own life. Several compositions, which the musician has recorded in the home studio, have been noticed in Universal (sound recording studio). And in 2004, under a label of SRC/Universal, there was a debut album 'Trouble'. In songs, which have entered this album, Akon has told about the experiences and gloomy emotions, which he has received in the past.

Akon net worth

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The talented singer has presented interesting music to the public, which was decorated by his voice full of sincerity and sensuality. Akon constantly looked for new sounding, never limiting himself in creativity. He was both the author and the producer of the songs. So, 'Show Out' became one of the first successful experimental compositions. In it, Akon tells fragments from school poems. Great popularity was received by the single 'Locked Up', which has been conceived by the singer in prison. In the same place, there was an idea to create a hit 'Ghetto'. And the song 'Bananza' has received a huge popularity on all dance floors of the country. The debut album has received the platinum status.

All know that Akon's life has changed after he has gone to jail. Now the musician plans to try himself as the director and the screenwriter. He plans to create the films about prisoners. As Akon has declared, he does it in order that young people didn't repeat someone else's mistakes. Also in plans of the performer is the release of his own collection of diamond jewelry. Newspaper articles often associate Akon not with music, but often with business and philanthropy. Akon net worth now is $80 million dollars.

Is Akon dead?

Because of long calm in the career of the singer, there were rumors that Akon is dead. Fortunately, this is just a rumor. Really, the rapper long time didn't create new projects. However, you shouldn't do hasty conclusions. Perhaps, shortly, he still will manage to surprise everyone.

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