Is another Nollywood actor dead? - Sam Agbebi from Village Headmaster is gone

Is this a bad luck for Nollywood in 2016? So many actors and actresses have passed away. Find out who it is now.

Nigeria is shocked by a great number of the recent Nollywood deaths. This time, it has happened again in the fictional village of Oja. Sam Agbebi was a member of the cast of the Village Headmaster series. His character was Lawyer Iyanda. It is claimed that Agbebi’s life really coincided with the one of his hero. That is why the character was even called historical.

sam agbebi dead

According to the Nollywood news, his death came soon after the decease of the other crewmember – Jab Adu (who acted as Bassey Okon).

village headmaster

The reports say that Agbebi was 62. Besides, he had been suffering from a serious health problems during the last five years. They even made him to leave his part time job as a lecturer at the State University of Lagos. The great actor originally came from Osun state, but he lived in Bariga in Lagos with his three children.

All the crew keeps mourning. They describe the actor as a kind and good-natured man. He was also a very talented performer, who fully devoted himself to acting.

nollywood death 2016

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As the news announces, the family arranged a wake-keep on the 17th of March. While the interment itself w10ill be carried out the following day at the Ikoyi cemetery.

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