Is Baba Suwe seriously ill?

Is Baba Suwe critically ill? Read the article and check out the latest Nollywood news.


Famous Nollywood comic actor, Alhaji Nurudeen Babatunde Omidina known as Baba Suwe is seriously ill.

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According to his close relatives, this illness is as a result of the torture he went through in the hands of the NDLEA operatives years ago when he was nabbed at the airport on suspicion of carrying hard drugs.

Yomi Fabiyi, actor and filmmaker, said that that Baba Suwe could not even act faster, he feels badly all the time and his health is truly in the risk condition.

“The torture done on him by NDLEA is vastly damaging his health at an alarming rate.”


“He told me he no longer feel comfortable since that episode,” Fabiyi wrote on Instagram.

The actor further blamed Baba Suwe’s predicament on the National Drug.  Enforcement Agency, condemning their uncivilized way of handling the matter after his arrest.

Fabiyi wrote, “He told me when I visited him that he is innocent of the accusations and yet a long pipe was inserted through his anus, he was detained for too long amongst other things just because he was randomly suspected like every normal person. In my opinion, only lazy, ill-trained, unfit and uncivilised officers torture in the name of investigation. Torture is criminal and sinful. If this accusation is found to be true by independent investigators, it shouldn’t go unpunished.”


Babatunde Omidina was arrested in August 2013 at the Muritala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos while traveling to Paris on a scheduled Air France flight.

The actor lost his wife, Monsurat Omodina also called Moladun Kenkelewu in September 2009 and according to Yomi Fabiyi “Baba Suwe is a widower, he can hardly walk properly as I speak, let alone go to film. How will he feed and take care of the children aunty Moladun left behind?”

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