Is Banky W married?

Did you see the wedding photos of Banky W from the shooting of a new Nollywood series? Want to know about his wedding in real life? Read the article and find out more information about that.


Recently on the Internet appeared new photos from the shooting of a new Nollywood series called The Wedding party, in which famous rapper appeared in a role of a handsome and happy bridegroom.

Also, Banky posted on his social network account a photo of his married friends and wrote that he is the last bachelor among his friends.

Of course, these photos impressed his fans and other Internet users, who became asking the star about his possible wedding in real life, willing to see the happy wedding of this extremely talented person. And Banky decided to give all these people an answer. The rapper said that marriage is not the obligement of each person. Marriage is not a standard of happiness and success. Many great people who drastically influenced the world were not married. Moreover, some people are just not fated to get married in this world. There is nothing bad in this because they will probably later get some other benefits.

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Also, he emphasised that if or rather when he will be ready to get married, he is not going to tell about that in advance and make a big show of his wedding ceremony. Banky added that he is already tired of the fact that the whole his life is a kind of show now.

BANKY W marriage

Although, some people, who are close to the celebrity, inform about his probable relations with a woman, who lives now in another country.

But maybe, Banky is going to get married sooner than we think. Recently he posted screenshots of his correspondence with a woman, who decided that their marriage was made in heaven and that he is her destiny and they have to get married as soon as possible.

Anyway, it seems that we are not going to see real Banky`s wedding photos soon.

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