Is Big Brother Africa 2016 star dead?

Is there another death in African show biz? Find out what happened to the Big Brother Africa show star.

Evelyn Eveva Sitali was one of the show contestants. She represented Zambia and participated in the 8th season of the Bib Brother Africa show.

Big Brother Africa 2016 star dead

She has died on May 10 being just 29 years of age. The lady had a surgery to undergo and she passed away soon after it. Back in 2014 Evelyn Eveva Sitali got in an accident. Since that time she suffered much pain and had to go through a series of surgeries.

The last one was performed on May 7 and three days later the TV show star died. Such news we get form her Facebook page.

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She was not only a Big Brother Africa star, but also a musician. On May 13 Eveva Sitali is to be buried. R.I.P. sweet lady. Another sad show biz loss of 2016 and we have many more to remember from the beginning of the year.

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