Is Bill Cosby blind?

Has Bill Cosby become blind? What is the reason? Why does a famous comedian have to face a trial? You’ll find out all the latest news about Bill Cosby here right now!

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According to available information, the tragedy struck the veteran American comedian of stand-up Bill Cosby, as he now is almost blind.

He currently lives in what can be described as the real ‘hell on earth’, as the comedian is currently struggling with blindness and can move only with the help of Camille, his wife.

Bill Cosby age is 79 right now. Bill Cosby recently celebrated his 79th birthday on the 12th day of July. Unfortunately, the appearance comes only when he gets set to go to the trial for sexual assault.

Let’s remember that in2015, in December, comedian Bill Cosby has been accused by a few prosecutors with embarrassing aggravated indecent assault. It was first-degree felony. The investigation was to spread the case of alleged sexual assault case that has already been ‘waiting’ since 2004.

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Earlier this month, Cosby, reportedly used a cane, holding the arm of the associate, when he came for the preliminary hearing. Reportedly the source disclosed, saying to the New York Post:

‘His alleged victims can take some solace because of the fact that he is now in his personal hell. He suffers from a degenerative eye disease and now is totally blind. All of his Hollywood friends turned away from him’

Bill Cosby, an aging comedian and actor, is believed to suffer from keratoconus. Such condition can cause the cornea to bulge.

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The researchers believe that Keratoconus is caused by a combination of environmental factors, genetics and also the endocrine system – all of that can cause thinning of the cornea, which bulges in a conical shape.

The fluids can easily enter the eye and the cloud its surface. An optometrist Dr. Jacob Nachum proved, that on 30 December 2015 right eye of Cosby showed that he was suffering from keratoconus, according to Inside Edition.

Those people, who have to live with such condition typically experience blurred vision that can be treated with some special corrective lenses in the early stages of the disease, though serious cases may require a corneal transplant.

Bill Cosby and his famous works

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Bill began stand-up comedy, when he was in San Francisco, and then he got the leading role in the popular television show of 1960s ‘I Spy’. During the first two seasons of the show, he was also a regular visitor on Electric Company, the kids’ television series.

Bill Cosby produced and also starred in the famous television sitcom, named The Cosby Show, which was broadcast from 1984 to 1992. It was rated as the number one TV show in America during five years, from 1984 to 1989.

Bill Cosby in Nigeria

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The Cosby Show was widely loved and watched in Africa, particularly in Nigeria, and it was, as his fame managed to spread throughout the world. So Bill Cosby latest news still remains interesting for the Nigerian audience. However, unfortunately, his days with bright lights and cameras all around, have almost ended. But Nigerians don’t forget him. So Bill Cosby will always remain funny and incomparable comedian actor for millions of people all over the world in general.

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