Is Bobrisky gay?

Notwithstanding Nigeria's narrow mindedness for gay people, numerous gay men keep on daringly parade themselves on social media, tossing all alert/prudence in the wind.

One of such is Okuneye Idris Olanrewaju, nicknamed Nigeria's male barbie doll. On account of celeb form creator/skincare master Tiannah styling, he went from been dull to snow white. He has in the past publicized and supported her items in a few Instagram recordings.

Idris has as of late been the subject of examinations online in light of the extremely fascinating recordings/photographs he posts on video/photograph sharing informal communication webpage snap talk, his previously, then after the fact photographs, his make up and all around prepped counterfeit nails.

Not surprisingly, many stunned, homophobic Nigerians thrashed him and got him out with exceptionally terrible remarks. Idris is however holding fast on his sexuality and has tended to his haters on his Facebook page.

The transparently gay 'male Barbie' composed:-

Just dis week alone I saw myself on three blogs, bloggers are busying making their money while some jobless fool will sit down and type rubbish….as far as am concern I don’t give a f**k about any shit written about me.As far as am counting my millions and helping people d little way I can and also paying my tight to God. F**k humans let God judge me not humans we are all created from d same sand so no humans should judge anyone. We are all sinners no one is Perfect so no one should sit down and say shit about anyone. And if u are looking for someone to advice am sure he or she should have a relations.There is always an adages dat say mind your turn cloth were is turn and stay away from other.morning to u all.

He is additionally said to have a "bae" who pay his bills and straightforwardly spouts about him practically every time via web-based networking media.

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In a late post by Urban Gossip blog, he is said to straightforwardly publicize his "administrations" and even subtitled a snapchat photograph "f**k we are in an extremely rich person party".

In case you're a dynamic Snapchat/Instagram client, you more likely than not run over or heard the name Bobrisky, or if nothing else a

couple of his photos.

Bobrisky is the male Barbie every one of your companions are taking after via web-based networking media, and as per reports, the most prevalent Nigerian on snapchat, barring any semblance of Davido, Wizkid and a chose number of Nollywood on-screen characters.

Both genders cherish him for the sort of costly and engaging stories he conveys.

Conceived as Okuneye Idris Olanrewaju, Bobrisky is clearly one of those kids who grew up needing to be the inverse sex, in any case, attempted to contain that change until later.

Bobrisky has been inclining on snapchat for a couple of months now and has no less than 20,000 perspectives regular, particularly with his fans needing to know who his bae is.

The riddle bae who he claims is Africa's fourth wealthiest man, apparently gave Bobrisky 7 million naira and a benz. Bobrisky posted photos of the cash subsequent to getting the money for it from the bank.

"Their fada, f-ck haters with p-ssy and beas [sic]. My bae is dig forever. Bae called and said my infant trust you are alright. He said he tried me on the off chance that I will grumble about my flat in Lekki. Another will stun you my Bae is getting an exquisite loft at Banana Island. The chief will ponder who am I to dis man. He is my God Father. Much appreciated my Bae. I adore so much 7 million Naira. I cherish Bae." He composed on the snapchat photographs.

He guarantees his secret bae likewise plans to get him a house near Linda Ikeji's Banana Island chateau. We need that kind bae as well! lol.

Bobrisky is an outstanding fashionista who likes to talk grimy and post classless stuffs. However his fans love him all the same.

Bobrisky is in his mid twenties and clearly gay.

Many trust he has all he takes to give Bisi Alimi — an exceptionally prominent Gay rights lobbyist — a keep running for his cash as a result of his beguiling tone and appearance.

Idris hails from Ogun state, and at present dwells in Lekki, Lagos. He bargains on brightening/dying cream and plans to be a major rivalry of Dencia's Whitenicious.

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