Is Bobrisky hiv positive?

Is the male Barbie really sick? Where did this information come from?Latest rumors and reaction of Bobrisky are already gathered here! Do not miss it!

Idris Okuneye

Bobrisky and HIV have become the topic of a lot of articles. As according to some anonymous insider (who wrote to Naijagist) popular Nigerian male Barbie doll and also a real internet sensation, whose name is Idris Okuneye or Bobrisky is HIV positive. The source says that Idris has been suffering it since 2015.

The anonymous source told that he is a medical doctor and also a good friend to celeb’s Indian doctor. He revealed that Bobrisky, the popular cross dresser was found HIV positive.

Bobrisky and HIV 

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The source also added that Idris Okuneye had been placed on anti-retroviral medication program since last September and that he has been still visiting his doctor. In any case, he was there in the beginning of November 2016 in order to get his new prescriptions.

The insider did not stop on this information, adding that celebrity should be punished criminally for hiding his HIV status from a lot of his male partners.

male Barbie

Meanwhile, the 23-year-old male Barbie denies his HIV positive status, blasts alleged haters. Bobrisky interview is full of positive and says it’s a lie.

However, this news of his HIV positive status spread extremely fast on Wednesday. But everyone should know that this source is unconfirmed.

But Bobrisky described that situation as ‘hate’. Male Barbie wrote on his Twitter that the haters could not bring him down. He also showed his HIV result to numerous of Bobrisky fans in order not to follow any articles written about him on different blogs.

Bobrisky biography

Let’s hope that Idris is fine and Bobrisky biography will not get such a sad page.


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