Is Chidinma Okeke’s, Miss Anambra 2015, lesbian sex tape real or fake?

You were shocked by the video with Chidinma Okeke lesbian sex which got the Internet mad? Read in the article whether this video is fake.

Chidinma Okeke

Recently Nigerian Internet users were shocked by the leak of a mainstream video on which Nigerian beauty, miss Anambra, Chidinma Okeke is having lesbian sex with her closest friend and assistant, named Ada. This video caused a juicy scandal and a real resonance among her fans and other Internet users; it fastly spread to the newspapers headlines and social media. It is very important to understand if this video is real.

It is unknown who posted this video on the Internet. But on this video, we can see Chidinma Okeke having sex with another woman. At the beginning, there is Chidinma having a solo sexual act and then partner joins her and women continue the act, using a huge cucumber as a sex toy. The important fact is that lesbian women are prosecuted in Nigeria, and can be jailed up to fourteen months. So Chidinma can be tried for this leaked shocking video.

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Internet users already expressed different points of view on this news. Most of them suppose that Chidinma Okeke took part in this video for money. Chidinma speedy reacted this video leak, saying that it is a fake and someone used Photoshop putting the photo of her head instead of the actresses. But it is obvious for every person who saw this video that she is lying. There is no Photoshop there.

Chidinma Okeke

Okeke says that some hackers just want to contaminate brutally her image. She says that she is very modest and well-educated person in a conventional family.

Also, Chidinma added that she and her lawyers are preparing a civil claim against this bullying and trying to find out who is that person who did this video. She is appealing people to ignore this video and animadvert those people who fabricated it.

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