Is Cristiano Ronaldo the most followed person on social media?

Who tops the list of the most liked people on social media? Is that Cristiano Ronaldo? Learn the news.

cristiano ronaldo jr

Social media has become the real media of our times. That’s where all the news are shared and gotten. And it has the power to turn a person into a real star. Surely Cristiano Ronaldo does not need it. He is already the superstar of football. But how popular is he on social media?

Who is the most followed person on social media?

Taylor Swift

In the past the definite leader of the social media was Cristiano Ronaldo. He had over 238 millions fans! Can you imagine that! It’s like a huge country, one larger than Nigeria by its population! He was the winner of the people’s sympathy online.

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However, this year he was taken down by an American. Her name is Taylor Swift. The lady is the singer and presently he has 246 million fans on social media.

And that includes only three major ones: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Who knows how many more of the fans are out there on other sites? Still, Ronaldo is one of the top persons among the 20 most liked on social media. In fact, 13 out of 20 come from USA. Still in just one month Cristiano Ronaldo has added over 5 million fans to his social media accounts! We wish him to regain his top position.

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