Is D’banj married? Who is his bride?

What do you know about a wife of D’banj? Read more about them and their story in the article.


Oladapo Daniel Oyebanjo mostly known as D'banj has recently got married. But let us start from the very beginning.Who is D'banj and what is he famous for?

He is the winner of numerous music awards, including The Best African Act in 2007, Evolution Award in 2015, Artist of the Year in 2009, Best-selling African Artist in 2104, and many others.

D'banj first fell in love with music after his later brother taught him how to play harmonica. He used that skill a lot during the school years to attract girls – and he was extremely successful among the girls of his age and even older.

DBANJ wife DIDI Kilgrow

As he grew up, his parents wanted him to enter one of the greatest universities of the United Kingdom in order to obtain the profession of an engineer. His father being a military officer did not like the idea of him becoming a singer and a songwriter. However, after D'banj moved to Great Britain, he met Don Jazzy who encouraged him to start the musician career.

So two friends moved back to Nigeria and wrote their first song “Tongolo”; D’banj sponsored his first video and that is how he appeared on the stage for the first time.

As his popularity grew, he entered a new level of music industry. D’banj got very famous for his “Oliver Twist” in 2012 which was a mixture of electro and Afrobeat styles. This song got on the African and even European hit charts.

Furthermore, with the growing popularity, D’banj drew more attention of the ladies. Therefore, he had plenty of choice there. However, obviously, one lady caught his eye the most. He fell in love and proposed to her. Who is D’banj’s girlfriend, fiancé and now a wife, you wonder? Her name is Didi Kilgrow, and as of the last week, she is an official wife of D’banj.

DBANJ married

They couple got married very quietly and invited only 30 closest family members and friends to the celebration. Allegedly, the guests were coming to a party and had no idea what kind of party that would be. Some of them even claimed that this was the Birthday party of their friend. What do we know about a mysterious lady that stole D’banj’s heart?

The lady was so very well hidden from the public attention, that reporters even called her a “mystery lover”. This lady indeed is mysterious, as it took journalists time to investigate who she is and where she comes from. Well, Didi Kilgrow is 24 years old and is still a student at University of Abuja. She is related to the host of one of the major shows on MTV, Samantha Walsh. The couple met and started dating in the beginning of 2015.

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When asked back then, D’banj said that if he would get married to this “mystery lover”, he would do that in secret in order to avoid too much fuss around a wedding day. Though, her friends claim she is very calm and humble, she absolutely astonished D’banj, so that he proposed almost a year after they started dating.

DBANJ dating

In order to explain the gossips about D’banj getting married to an American girl, you should probably know her family background. Didi Kilgrow comes from an international home. Her father is believed to be an American citizen, while her mother is from South Africa, a least on one half. Both of her parents currently live in Jos, Plateau state, and that is where originally Didi Kilgrow came from before she moved to Abuja to study.

Now D’banj and his wife are on their honeymoon enjoying first days of their married life. They got officially married on July 2, in the city of Jos in Plateau state. For some reason the celebrity did not share the information about his marriage proposal and even his marriage, probably willing to protect his wife from excessive attention.

DBANJ wedding

Allegedly, the journalists have found out about this change in their marital status right after the ceremony in the city of Jos. However, the information was not officially confirmed yet; thus, this can also be just another gossip. So let’s wait and see what D’banj and his wife have to say about that.

So far, we can only wish them to be happy and create a strong family foundation, so that D’banj and his wife would set an example to the rest of the Nigerian celebrities on what being a good family really is about, for we see that it is not easy to both be famous and keep the family.

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