Is Don Jazzy married to Rihanna?

Who is Rihanna’s husband? Why is this information is so secret? How is it connected with Don Jazzy? You will find all the answers here!

rihanna and don jazzy

After going through a tragic romance with famous Chris Brown, the fans think Rihanna has finally found the man of her biggest dreams. Who is he? Believe or not, she is Don Jazzy girlfriend!

An image, which exploded the Internet, reveals that Rihanna maybe had long-term relationship and even got married with famous music producer and boss of Marvin Records Don Jazzy. They had a beautiful lavish Nigerian ceremony.

The lovers have the wedded bliss and you can see them smiling warmly on camera. It’s their big day.

Rihanna looks stunning wearing the traditional red and gold Nigerian dress and a beautiful headpiece famous as a ‘Gele’.

Michael Collins, who is well-known as Don Jazzy, is also presented in an expensive gold outfit and traditional coral beads for the wedding.


don jazzy with a girl

But it is not as at it seems at all. This ‘wedding’ is the accurate work of some Mavin fan, who created it in Photoshop as his own perception of Dr Sid's new single, Surulere. The name means Patience is your virtue.

Jazzy, who is extremely popular and has worked with such celebrities as D'banj and Jay Z, was very impressed with the perfect Photoshop job. So he shared the picture with his twitter followers. There are about 715,000 of them.

Jazzy wrote something like: ‘Guys, call out to the one who has made this. It’s WOW! I totally love it! Look @Rihanna this could easily be us. Oh wait a minute, it is us. Haha’.

Rihanna did not comment on her ‘happy wedding’.

Don Jazzy girlfriend

don jazzy girlfriend

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Previously Don Jazzy showed the photos of a girl, which was supposed to be his lady. Also there were plenty of different rumors. Don Jazzy biography is full of the girls’ names.

However, until now the music producer is not married. His private life stays uncertain and changes rapidly. So the paparazzi cannot find his true fiancée yet.

Private life of Rihanna 2016

rihanna and dicaprio

Rihanna and Chris brown broke up a lot of years ago. But after that she didn’t have any serious relationship, which a singer would have liked to discuss. But paparazzi noticed a lot of men, who were supposed to be her boyfriends.

One of the most shocking and unexpected rumors were about the romance between Rihanna and Drake. But there was even more surprise, when the world heard about her relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio.

There were some rumors about her relationship with Lewis Hamilton, Travis Scott and others.

rihanna and jay z

Also there were some articles about Rihanna’s affair with Jay Z, while his break. At that time a man was married to a sex symbol of 21st century – Beyoncé. It happened during their temporary break, when Jay Z had a relationship with his young protege Rihanna. A girl was 17 and she had just signed to the label Def Jam. Beyoncé told about husband’s cheating in her book. However, a lot of time has passed, it’s a still difficult topic for a woman.


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