Is Ihediwa Nigerian movie maker dead?

Is another NIgerian actor and movie maker dead? Find out what happened to Ihediwa, the actor who lived in USA.

Has Nollywood only sad news to offer in 2016? Several actors and actresses have died this year. Seems like oceans are not a problem for death to cross. Now it is Nigerian movie maker who died in America. His named was Ihediwa. His full name was Philemon Ihediwa. What we know about him, his movies and his death?

phillip ihediwa death

Ihediwa biography

Ihediwa moved to USA some ten years ago. He not only produced the movies, but also wrote for them and starred in them. The first one of the Ihediwa’s movies was “Congo Boy in the City”. Mr. Phill Ihed had was married in the past and he had an older son of 19 years of age. That is what we know about his family. Plus, we know that his ex-wife and son did not wish to take up the responsibility over the burial of the movie maker. The name of his former wife is Stella and together they had 3 kids.

The marriage broke up in 2006 (they got married back in 1996). They filed for divorce and got the paper only in 2010.

How did they found Ihediwa’s body?

ihediwa biography

Few days prior to his death Ihediwa talked to his friend and hinted that he was not feeling well. One of the neighbors went over to his house to talk to the Nigerian actor and sensed a foul smell around the place. They called the police and broke into the house. They have found the actor dead and supposedly he was gone about 5 days ago!

After the examination the seeming cause of death was set as the heart attack. The man was rather unhappy in his personal life and was not able to spend time and connect with his children. All this has happened on Monday (March 7, 2016). In the morning he talked to his friend, later on she called again, but no one answered the phone. So, most likely by that time the man was already dead. What a shocking story! His body was found only 5 days later!

Who took care of Ihediwa’s corpse?

Local Nigerian community was forced to take care of the body of late actor. They moved it to the funeral home. It was a hard thing to do as during the 5 day period it nearly decomposed. So sad! R.I.P., Mr. Ihediwa! 

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