Is Iyanya engaged?

What are the rumors and are they true? Who is his woman? You’ll find out everything you wanted to know about Iyanya’s personal life here right now!

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After NigeriaFilms report on July 20, 2016, that said Iyanya got engaged with the Liberian American lady. According to this report, Iyanya is engaged to 34-year-old Weah Georgianna. It happened on July 15, 2016. Also in a recent Instagram post, Iyanya denied the news and said, ‘Apparently, I didn’t even know, but I’m engaged’. But who is this Liberian woman?

Short biography

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Iyanya was born in Calabar, on Palm Street. He is from Nigeria, Cross River State. His mother was the headmistress, and his dad was a forester. Singer Iyanya described his mom as a home disciplinary, while his dad was very nice and kind. His parents both died in 2008, at that period his mom was 42 years old, and his dad was 50. Iyanya’s older brother died almost at the same time, when his parents died. Iyanya’s grandfather was a priest. Previously Iyanya used to sing in the church choir and was choirmaster for the children's choir at the age of 5. In Calabar Iyanya completed his primary, secondary, and also higher education. Iyanya is a graduate of Business Administration from the popular University of Calabar.  

Iyanya engaged?

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It would not be out of place for such a hearing and rumors to the surface, because no one knows who Crooner 'Kukere' is currently dating with. This is not the first time, when Iyanya is associated with the lady he has shared his photos with and strange women, which were together with him on the pictures on the Internet.

In April this year he published a photo of himself and an unknown woman and captioned it as ‘no day off’, leaving his followers to keep wondering who that woman was.

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We want to remind you that he had parted ways with Freda Francis earlier this year after he canceled his subscription to the platform of sharing photos. The different rumors about their separation first appeared in January after he deleted all the photos of himself and Fred Francis with the exception of selfie from Ubi Franklin and Lillian Esoro that Fred photobombed on Instagram.

In addition, in an interview with Punch this year in February, Iyanya told about his plans to get married in 2016 in a private ceremony.

‘I am making plans to do all that but I don’t think I would wish people to know anything about it,’ he told Punch.

‘I won’t miss the single life’ said the performer. The truth is that once it appears in the hands of the media, celebrities lose all intimacy.

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‘But it is not really your fault because indeed you are just doing your beloved job. But then, it just takes a real negative effect on any relationship.

And it also gives people who do not even have the right to speak, the ability to intervene, even if they do not know all the truth about what is happening.

‘Because of social media, I have learned to keep all my relationship private, but give people much more music. That is what they all know me first of all. I do not let other things cast a shadow on music that I’m known for.

Maybe the report, made on July 20, is just true after all, but the singer thinks only about the implementation of Iyanya’s strategy, he said to Punch. And, in any case, Iyanya, Nigerian musician, should better focus on following his manager’s footsteps Franklin saying ‘I’ and the paternity of the kid as soon as possible.

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But in any case, Iyanya can put his hot body in very good use. He is successful now and become even more and more successful due to these rumors.

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