Is Jaden Smith really dead?

Celebrities' children are always under attention, especially, if something unusual happens. What about death or suicide news concerning famous children?

jaden smith
Jaden Smith is really dead. True or false? Who is he? Let us begin with the beginning.

Jaden Smith is a talented young guy, who even being a child appeared in many popular movies and video projects. Following the footsteps of his father, Will Smith, our today's hero managed to achieve success immediately in several industries. Today he is known as an actor, a singer, a dancer, and a participant in numerous charity events. His track record has got many prestigious awards. But what is so special about this young Hollywood actor?

Let us learn a bit from a short biographical review.
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jaden smith

 The early years of JADEN SMITH

 FAMILY AND first CAREER of Our today's hero from the very birth was not the average kid. He was born in Sunny California, in a family of two favorite actors, Pinkett Smith, Jada ("the Nutty Professor", "the Matrix") and Will Smith, who probably needs no introduction. This fact largely predetermined the fate of the famous young actor. Jaden Smith with dad, actor Will Smith became famous at once. From his earliest years, he studied music with his father, and together with other children of the famous families participated in various charitable concerts and campaigns, mainly in the framework of the Zambia project, designed to help African children living with muscular diseases. Within such projects, Jaden honed his talent.

jaden smith

Also, a significant impact on himself and his creative potential had his father, who regularly gave his youngest son valuable advice. Very remarkable is also the fact that Jaden Smith almost never goes to school. Many years ago his parents made the decision regarding what their children should be home educated. What was the reason for such a decision is now not known. However, we can already say that this approach is not new. Jaden Smith and his sister got an education at home, studied at the Academy and mastered the new style of life in the village founded by their parents. Jaden Smith is the eldest son of the famous American couple. His younger sister Willow has dedicated herself to musical activities. And only a half-brother, Trey, left behind and did not continue the dynasty.

jaden smith

Is Jaden Smith really dead?

In July 2016, the news raced through social media that Jaden Smith, actor, and son of will and Jada Pinkett-Smith killed himself. Recently it became known that the actor died!

But soon it was announced to be a fake news. Jaden Smith is alive, despite some stupid Internet reports that he died while snowboarding in Switzerland, in a company of Will Ferrell, Adam Sandler, Jeff Goldblum, Urkel and Pat Sajak. The person who posted a message about the tragedy thought it would be funny, but Jaden Smith does not think so. This is not the truth. The fact does not correspond to reality.

The more, the worse. Reports about Jaden Smith's  suicide came from various websites and have led to mass panic.

jaden smith

Internet fake news

The intrepid Internet user, who clicked on the link and gave permission to the application was eventually greeted with one of several "news" story, claiming that Jaden Smith had committed suicide. Web sites responsible for this hoax has published dozens of fake news and graphics with this false statement:

The report was not true and didn't come from a legitimate source. In fact, users who clicked the above-displayed message were greeted with a popup message requesting permission from a Facebook app to post on their behalf, making the article appear less like a hoax and more like an outright scam.

Jaden Smith himself has been active on his social media accounts, seemingly unaware that he's supposed to be dead. He posted a photograph of himself on 27 July 2016.

jaden smith

Dead Jaden Smith and other fakes

Click bait stories such as celebrity death news  are common ways for show business websites and apps to spread malware.  Even if the sites don't spread invasive software outright, your computer or social media accounts can still be easily hijacked so that unscrupulous companies can profit from a seemingly significant social media presence.

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