Is Jay-Z going to repair the relationship with Kanye West?

Did you hear about the serious scandal which started between Kanye West and Jay-Z after the Parisian attack on Kim Kardashian, when Jay-Z did not support his friend and his scared wife? Read the article and find out about the probable development of celebrities` relations.

What's the confict?

It would seem that Kanye West and Jay-Z are a perfect example of colleagues, whose cooperation has grown into a strong friendship. Since super famous musicians recorded a joint album “Watch the Throne” in 2011, in public they did not call each other than brothers, and actively supported the career of each other. After 5 years since the album's release, it turned out that everything is not so good in relations between the families of musicians journalists claim that Beyonce cannot stand Kim Kardashian and Jay-Z communicates with the West only for the sake of money.

Details of the conflict got out in the press after the expressive monologue of Kanye West during one of his performances. Kanye accused colleague that he is not interested in how their family is experiencing the Parisian attack on Kim Kardashian, which took place on the night of 2 to 3 October at the Parisian Apart Hotel Hôtel de Pourtalès. Also, he shared the fact that his 3-year-old daughter North has still not been acquainted with the 4-year-old baby of Jay-Z, Blue Ivy Carter. Digging deeper, the media recalled that the relations between the two celebrity families have been strained since a long time ago. So, Beyonce and Jay-Z did not even come to the plush wedding of Kim and Kanye in 2014, when they found out that the footage of the ceremony will be included to one of the episodes of the reality about the Kardashian family.

Sources, close to the couples, claim that the reluctance to take part in the filming is just an excuse to ignore the invitation to the ceremony. According to them, the friendship of artists is nothing more than fiction. According to rumours, many people felt the hostility of Jay-Z to a younger colleague while they were working on a joint album.

Have a look

Then rapper forced himself to go on tour with the new record. The only argument that influenced his decision to give a series of performances with Kanye became money release set a record for the number of sales and earned a status of platinum. As for Beyonce, wife of Jay-Z absolutely cannot stand Kanye and his wife Kim Kardashian. Everyone who appears close to them at different social events points out that the singer almost does not communicate with the star of reality television and on every occasion demonstrated her hostility. As the reason for such attitude journalists call snobbery of the singer who does not admit to her social circle people with such a controversial reputation like Kim has.

Revoicing his wife, Jay-Z says that he "misses the old Kanye", adding that with the appearance of Kim in his life, the rapper has changed dramatically for the worse, and if earlier it was just difficult to work with him, now he has become almost unbearable. Pronouncing his controversial dialogue, Kanye said: "The second part of the Watch the Trone will not appear." During a concert in Seattle, Kanye West decided to turn to his best friend Jay-Z right from the stage, in order to shame him for his carelessness.

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Kanye said from the stage: “Do not call me after the robbery, saying: "How are you?" To find out what is in my heart, come to my house.”

Were they friends?

Claims of Kanye were vigorously discussed in social networks. Fans of Jay-Z and Beyonce have responded to them quite sharply, calling Kanye a "cry-baby" and chiding him that he complains and cries even more often than his wife.

Later on his concert in California, Kanye informed his fans that he is seriously worried about his life. Having performed two hits, Kanye suddenly stopped and began publically complaining about Jay-Z and Beyonce. He said that he came to say the true to the people and he was risking his life and asked Jay-Z to call him. He asked Jay-Z not to send killers for him. People who came to the concert became angry about the singer and were complaining that they paid money for their tickets and they want to see the show. After his shattering speech, West left the stage and cancelled a concert in Los Angeles the next day, citing poor health.

Recently there appeared information that Beyonce asks her husband to make peace with Kanye and support him during these hard days because utterances of Kanye were the result of many problems, health state and a strong stress. But after the hospitalisation, he seems to be fine already. The couple is going to repair their relations with Kanye West without sounding that to the paparazzi.

He is wonderful

At the same time, the another source informs that all information about the rappers` argue is fake, and they are still very good friends and nothing threatens life and health of Kanye West. Jay-Z still appreciates him as a little bro and even calls him a member of the family.

So, we are going to follow the development of the situation and see what celebrities are going to do next.

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